Poonam Arora

Prior to joining academia, I worked as a consultant at McKinsey and Co., and an investment banker at Citi. I was also a Post Doctoral Scholar with the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions at Columbia University. I've been teaching management at Manhattan College since 2010.


  • Ph.D., Columbia University
  • M.B.A., Northwestern University 
  • B.B.A., John Cabot University Rome

Courses Taught

  • MBAC 622      Leadership and Organizational Behavior

  • MBAE 602      Research and Experiential Learning

  • MBAL 646       International Management Field Trip

  • MBAE 607       Business Plan and Experiential Project

  • MGMT 201      Introduction to Management

  • MGMT 450      Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

  • MGMT 475      Assimilating the Internship Experience in Management

  • MGMT 470      Management Independent Study

  • Research

    My research program explores the phenomena of sustainability in dynamic socio environmental-economic systems. Human decisions in such systems are multi-motive, interdependent, inter-generational, and context-dependent. They frequently address dilemmas where rational actions may benefit some decision-makers but leave the collective worse off over time. Specifically, using social and environmental dilemmas, which capture well the dynamic multi-motive nature of such decisions, in lab and online experiments, qualitative fieldwork, agent-based models, and through the development of conceptual frameworks, I examine how individuals, organizations, and communities manage conflicting goals to ensure long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability. My research is supported by private and public funding agencies and has been published in management, psychology, economics, and sustainability journals.

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    Peer Reviewed Publications:

    • Arora, P. , Hoeller, S., Scalone, E., Okumura, T., Peterson, N. (Conditionally Accepted) “The Impact of Economic Uncertainty and Trust on Cooperation in Environmental Dilemmas Across Cultures”, Negotiations and Conflict Management Research Journal.

      Fisher, J., Arora, P., Chen, S., Rhee, S., Blaine, T., Simangan, D. (In Press) “Four Propositions on Integrated Sustainability: Toward a Theoretical Framework to Understand the Environment, Peace and Sustainability Nexus.”, Sustainability Science.

      Garcia, S., Arora, P., Reese, Z., Shain, M. (2020 Online) “Free Agency and Organizational Rankings: A Social Comparison Perspective on Signaling Theory.”  Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. doi.org/10.1016/j.socec.2020.101576
    • Garcia, G., Garcia, P., Rovere, S., Bert, F., Schmidt, F., Menendez, A., Verdin, P., Rajagopalan, B., Arora, P., Nosetto, M., Podesta, G. (2019) “A linked modelling framework to explore interactions among climate, soil water and land use decisions in the Argentine Pampas”. Environmental Modelling and Software, 111, 459 – 471.
    • Arora, P., Tedeschi, G., Rovenpor, J., (2018) “Broadening the Frame Around Sustainability with Holistic Language: Mandela and Invictus”. Humanistic Management Journal. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41463-018-0051-0
    • Gonzalez, J., Arora, P., Podesta, G. (2018) “Using Insights from Prospect Theory to Enhance Sustainable Decision Making by Agribusinesses in Argentina”. Sustainability. 10(8), 2693; doi.org:10.3390/su10082693
    • Fisher, J., Arora, P., Rhee, S. (2018) “Conserving Tropical Forests: Can Sustainable Livelihoods Outperform Artisanal or Informal Mining?”. Sustainability, 10(8), 2586; doi.org:10.3390/su10082586
    • García, P., Badano, N., Menéndez, A., Bert, F., Garcia, G., Podestá G., Rovere, S., Verdin, A., Rajagopan, B, and Arora, P. (2018). “Influencia de los cambios en el uso de suelo y las precipitaciones sobre la dinámica hídrica de una cuenca de llanura extensa. Caso de estudio: Cuenca del Río Salado, Buenos Aires, Argentina”. Revista Iberoamericana del Agua, https://doi.org/10.1080/23863781.2018.1495990 
    • Arora, P., Rovenpor, J. (2018) “Towards A New Language of Sustainable Decision Making: Moving Beyond People Planets and Profits”. Handbook of Engaged Sustainability, Eds. Dhiman, S. & Marques, J., Springer Press.
    • García, P.E., Menéndez, A.N., Bert, F.E., Jobbágy, E.G., Podestá G.P., and Arora, P. (2017). Land Use as a Possible Strategy for Managing Water Table Depth in Flat Basins with Shallow Groundwater. The International Journal of River Basin Management.

    • Arora, P., Logg, J., Larrick, R., (2016) “Acting for the Greater Good: Identification with Group Determines Response to Defection in Sequential Dilemmas”, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29(5), 499-510, doi: 10.1002/bdm.1892

    • Boyer, R., Peterson, N., Arora, P., Caldwell, K. (2016) “Five Approaches to Social Sustainability and an Integrated Way Forward”. Sustainability, 8, 878- 895, doi:10.3390/su8090878

    • Arora, P., Peterson, N., Bert F., Podèsta, G., (2016) “Managing the Triple Bottom Line for Sustainability: A Case Study of Argentine Agribusinesses”. Special Issue on Social Sustainability in Sustainability: Science Practice and Policy, 12(1), 63-75.A

    • Arora, P., Bert, F., Podesta, G., Krantz, D., (2015) “Ownership Effect in the Wild: Influence of Land Ownership on Economic, Environmental & Social Goals and Decisions in the Argentine Pampas”, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. 58 (Oct.), 162-170

    • Arora, P., Hanges, P., Bruzzone, A. (2014), “The Human Side of Logistics”. Journal of Critical Incidents, 7, 125-127. Winner of Best Critical Incident Award

    • Arora, P., Predmore, C. (2013). “Social Media as a Strategic Tool: Going Beyond the Obvious”. In  Emerald Advanced Series in Management: Social Media and Management, Eds. Bondarouk, T., & Olivas-Lujan, M., Emerald Publishing.

    • Arora, P., Peterson, N.D., Krantz, D.H., Hardisty, D.J., Reddy, K.S. (2012). “To Cooperate or Not to Cooperate: Using New Methodologies and Frameworks to Understand How Affiliation Influences Cooperation in the Present and Future”,  Journal of Economic Psychology33(4), 842-853, doi: 10.1016/j.joep.2012.02.006

    • Appelt, K. C., Zou, X.,  Arora, P., & Higgins, E. T. (2009). “Regulatory fit in negotiation: Effects of "prevention-buyer" and "promotion-seller" fit”.  Social Cognition, 27(3), 365-384

    • Krantz, D., Peterson, N.,  Arora, P., Milch, K., Orlove, B. (2008) “Individual Values and Social Goals in Environmental Decision Making,” Decision Modeling and Behavior in  Uncertain and Complex Environments, Eds. Kugler, T. Smith, J.C., Connolly, T., Son, Y. J., Springer Press, 165 - 198.

    Other Publications:

    • Alamgir, M., and  Arora, P., (1991)  Providing Food Security for All, New York University Press, NY.

    • Op-Ed, New Castle Now: Game Theory and Public Hearings: A Decision Theorist’s Perspective, December 3, 2012

    • Columbia University, Climate Center Blog: Do I Want It In My Backyard? Yes, I Do!, January, 2012

    • Article Requested By the Asociación Argentina de Consorcios Regionales de Experimentación Agrícola for their members: “Now Why Did I Just Do That? Understanding the Underlying Motivations That Influence our Decisions”, 2012

    • Communications Guide: The Psychology of Climate Change Communication: A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides and the Interested Public. Contributors: D. Shome, S. Marx, K. Appelt, P. Arora, R. Balstad, K. Broad, A. Freedman, M. Handgraaf, D. Hardisty, D. Krantz, A. Leiserowitz, M. LoBuglio, Published by CRED, Columbia University, 2009.

    Selected Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings:

    • Rovenpor, J., and Arora, P., “Moving Towards a New Language for Business to Promote Greater Sustainability”, International Association for Business and Society Proceedings, February, 2017

    • Arora, P., and Rovenpor, J., “Laying the Foundation For Career Success: The Role of the Internship in Developing Professional Voice, Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings”, Philadelphia, May 2015

    • Arora, P., Bert, F. and Podesta, G., “Influence of Land Ownership on Agribusiness Goals and Decisions in the Argentine Pampas”.  Academy Of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, Philadelphia, August 2014

    • Arora, P., Logg, J., “Reciprocity or Compensation: Identification with Group Determines Response in Sequential Dilemmas”. Academy Of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, Philadelphia, August 2014

    • Arora, P., Rovenpor, J., “The Power of Poetry in Cultivating Responsible Leadership”, Proceedings of the 6th Developing Leadership Capacity Conference, Lancaster, UK, July 2014,  Winner: Best Conference Paper Award

    • Predmore, C.,  Arora, P., “When The Journey is the Destination, It is Never Over: The Legacy of India’s First Prime Minister”, Proceedings of the 6th Developing Leadership Capacity Conference, Lancaster, UK, July 2014

    • Arora, P., Logg, J., Larrick, R., “Doormat or Good Group Member: Identification with Group Determines Response in Sequential Dilemmas”.  International Association for Conflict Association Conference Proceedings, Leiden, The Netherlands, July 2014

    • Predmore, C.E. and  Arora, P. “Social Media to Everyone? Not a Good Idea”, Proceedings of the 14th Annual International Conference, National Business and Economics Society, Costa Rica, March 2013.

    • Arora, P., Krantz, D.H., Higgins, E.T., "Role Effects in Coordination: Collaborators and Competitors Choose Different Focal Points and Vary in Outcomes Obtained in Coordination", International Association for Conflict Management Conference, South Africa, July 2012

    • Arora, P, Appelt, K., Higgins, E.T., “Role of Status in Strategic Choices and Outcomes in Negotiations”, International Association for Conflict Management Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, June 2010.

    Selected Invited Talks:

    • Arora, P. “Insights from the Argentine Pampas for  Long-Term Sustainability”. Invited Talk, Judgement and Decision Making Seminar, Eller School of Management, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, February 2020.
    • Arora, P. “Social Dilemmas: From Competition to Cooperation”. Invited Talk, The Psychology of Competition: A LAMB Conference, Notre Dame University in London, London, UK, December 2019.
    • Arora, P., “Contextualizing Environmental Sustainability As An Intergenerational And Interdependent Dilemma”. Invited Colloquium Talk, The Trotschel Lab, Leuphana: University of Luneberg, Germany, December 2019.
    • Arora, P., “Moving Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Sustainability as the Building Blocks for Peace and Prosperity”. Invited Featured Speaker, Integrated Network on Social Sustainability Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC, June 2018
    • Arora, P. and Fisher, J., "Contextualizing Peace: Social, Economic and Environmental Linkages”. Invited Panelists, Sustaining Peace Forum Hosted by SIPA and AC4 at Columbia University, New York, NY, March 2018
    • Arora, P., Social Context Matters: Making Interdependent Decisions Under Uncertainty”. Invited Speaker, Bogotá Experimental and Behavioral Economics Seminar, Bogotá, Colombia, March 2018.
    • Arora, P., The Language That Binds Us”. Invited Webinar Presenter, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program, Columbia University, New York, September 2017.
    • Arora, P., Accelerating Sustainability: Moving Beyond People, Planets, and Profits”. Invited Panelist, Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) Research Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, May 2017.
    • Arora, P., The Language That Binds Us”. Invited Speaker, Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) Research Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, May 2017.
    • Arora, P., “Group Processes: A Double-Edged Sword”, Invited Speaker, Servicio Meteorolo´gico Nacional, Argentina, March 2016
    • Arora, P., “Social Context Matters: Making Interdependent Decisions Under Uncertainty”, Invited Speaker, Psychonomics Colloquium, Fordham University, NY, NY, April 2015
    • Arora, P., “Social Influences on Economic Decisions in Commons Dilemmas”, Invited Speaker, Institute for Entrepreneurship, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, January, 2008
    • Arora, P., “Using Behavioral Decision Making as a Tool for Environmental Policy”, Invited Speaker, NY State Agency NYSERDA, Albany, NY, December 2007
  • Professional Experience and Memberships


    • Member, Steering Committee, International Conference on Social Dilemmas

    • Treasurer & Elected Representative-at-Large and Board Member, International Association for Conflict Resolution

    • Contributor and Invited Member, Integrated Network for Social Sustainability

    • Member, Academy of Management,

    • Member, International Social Dilemma Network,

    • Member, Society of Judgment and Decision Making,

    • Member, Society of Case Research,

    • Member, International Association for Applied Psychology

  • Honors, Awards, and Grants

    Honors & Awards

    • Louis F. Capalbo Endowed Professor, 2019 - Present
    • Service Award (2020) & Leadership Award (2017), IACM
    • Gabriel Hauge Faculty Fellowship, 2012 - 2016
    • Beta Alpha Psi, Inspirational Leader Award, 2014
    • Pen & Sword Society, Inducted 2013
    • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2004 - 2009


    • Principle Investigator on Multiple Grants, 2010 - Present
    • Manhattan College Summer Grants, 2013, 2016, 2020