Nevart Wanger

Adjunct, Modern Languages & Literatures

  • Interrelations of French and Italian Literature and Art in the Renaissance
  • French and Italian Theater of the twentieth century
  • Culture studies
  • Language methodology
  • Languages across the curriculum

Courses Taught

FREN 201      French for Communication I
FREN 202      French for Communication II
FREN 219      Keeping French Alive
FREN 340      French Civilization
FREN 341      Contemporary French Civilization
FREN 350      Introduction to French Literary Study
FREN 445      Baudelaire and Modern Poetry
FREN 455      French Theatre of the Twentieth Century
ITAL 101      Italian for Beginners I
ITAL 102      Italian for Beginners II
ITAL 209      Speaking Italian
ITAL 210      Writing Italian
ITAL 210      Writing Italian-Ind Study
ITAL 216      Aspects of Italian Culture
ITAL 303      Italian Through Film
ITAL 303      Italian Through Film-Ind Sty
ITAL 307      Advanced Grammar and Composition
ITAL 341      Contemporary Italian Civilization
ITAL 350      Masterworks in Italian
SPAN 001      Abroad: Madrid, Spain

  • Other
    • Study Abroad Advisor
    • Coordinator of High School Foreign Languages Articulation Programs