Musa Jafar

Associate Professor, Accounting, CIS & Law

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems and Data Analytics, I like to play with data. I Joined Manhattan College in August 2014. I spent 10 years before that @West Texas A&M University. I am a Graduate of the University of Arizona, I had my Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, a Masters in Systems Engineering and a Masters in Management Information Systems. I am from South Lebanon. I had a Masters Degree in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut (when Malcolm Kerr was the President of the University) and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the Haigazian College in Beirut Lebanon.


  • PHD, University of Arizona
  • MS, The American Univ. of Beirut
  • MS, University of Arizona

Courses Taught

  • Data Mining Methods and Data Analytics (SQL Server Analysis Services and R) Since 2009
  • Data Visualization in a web-GL environment
  • Database Management Systems (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server)
  • OpenSource Web Development (JavaScript, AJAX, Apache, PHP, MySQL)
  • Business Statistics
  • Applied Regression Analysis
  • Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with UML(IBM Rational Architect)
  • Research

    I am interested in building a set of tools for the "non-algorithmic non-shell computing" that allow digital humanities researchers to perform data analytics on corpus data to allows them to see what they have not-seen before in abody of text.

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
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    Professional Experience 

    • 2000 IBM: Senior Software Engineer & Architect
    • 1997 US WEST COMMUNICATION: Senior Software Engineer 
    • 1995 BELL COMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH: Senior Software Engineer


  • Honors, Awards, and Grants
    • 2008-2014: Phil Gensler Professorship of Computer Information Systems- West Texas A&M University, College of Business and Management.
    • 2008:  Best Paper award- Conference on Information Systems Applied Research (CONISAR).
    • 2008:  Distinguished paper award- Information Systems Educator Conference (ISECON).
    • 1996: President's Club Performance Award- US West Communication (Qwest). At the time, the President’s Club award was the highest award an Information Technology Professional can get at US West Communications.