Michael Antolik

Professor, Political Science

Speaker at senior citizen center. Participant in several area historical societies.


  • PHD, Columbia University
  • MA, New York University
  • BA, Catholic University of America

Courses Taught

GOVT 150      Roots: Government
GOVT 222      Power in the City
GOVT 340      Government and Politics of Asia
GOVT 357      United States Foreign Policy
GOVT 455      Sem: Diplomacy
GOVT 455      Seminar: Diplomacy
INTL 405      Sem:Conflict Resolution
INTL 405      Sem:Diplomacy
INTL 405      Senior Sem: Diplomacy
INTL 405      Senior Sem:Conflict Resolution
INTL 405      Sr Sem: Diplomacy
INTL 405      Sr Sem:Conflict Resolution
INTL 450      Ind Study Bolivia
INTL 450      Tutorial
INTL 450      Tutorial: UN Gnrl Asmbly/Syria
LLRN 121      Roots: Government
PEAC 401      Senior Seminar in Peace
SPAN 320      Special Topics: in Hispanic Culture Studies
URBN 402      Ind Sty: Urban Affairs

  • Research

    The international relations among the nations of Southeast Asia, including the formation and policies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The study of diplomacy and conflict resolution. Urban policy and history, especially New York City