Marc Waldman

Graduate Director of Master Business Administration

Associate Professor, Accounting, CIS & Law


  • PHD, New York University
  • MS, New York University
  • BA, New York University

Courses Taught

CIS 110      Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 210      Intro To Mis
CIS 305      Computer Hardware and Software
CIS 310      Business Data and Information Management
CIS 431      Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Information Systems
CIS 470      Computer Information Systems Tutorial/Independent Study
COOP 402      Assimilating the Internship Experience (elective credit)
MBAE 601      Internship
MBAE 602      Research

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    “The Design and Implementation of a Robust, Tamper-Evident, Censorship Resistant Web Publishing System,” (with L. Cranor and A. Rubin), ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, November 2001.

    Other Intellectual Contributions:

    • “Utilizing Snyder’s “Fluency With Information Technology” In An Undergraduate “Introduction to Information Systems” Class,” (with M. Ulema), Proceedings, ISECON , 2005, Columbus, OH, October 2005, Number 2352, ISSN: 1542-7382.
    • “An Analysis of IS 2003 Compliance in Selected US Business Schools” (with K. Choi and M. Ulema), Proceedings, ISECON, 2005, Columbus, OH, October 2005, Number 3564, ISSN 1542-7382.
    • “HTTP-Based Anonymous Communication Channels,” (with S. Kopsell), Dr. Dobb’s Journal – Software Tools for the Professional Programmer, June 2004, pp. 30-33.
    • “Tangler: A Censorship Resistant Publishing System Based on Document Entanglements,” (with D. Mazieres), ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security, November 2001.
    • “Position Summary: Censorship-Resistant Publishing Through Document Entanglements,” Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems, May 2001.
    • “Publius,” (with L. Cranor and A. Rubin), Peer to Peer, O’Reilly & Associates, March 2001.
    • “Trust in Distributed Systems,” (with L. Cranor and A. Rubin), Peer to Peer, O’Reilly & Associates, March 2001.