Lisa Rizopoulos




  • PHD, Fordham University
  • MS, Fordham University
  • BA, CUNY Lehman College

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 318      Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDUC 350      Independent Study Education
  • EDUC 353      Integrated Learning Grades 1-3
  • EDUC 354      Integrated Learning Grade 4-6
  • EDUC 401      Principles and Practices of Reading in Elementary School
  • EDUC 402      Reading in Content Area
  • EDUG 815      Curriculum, Assessment and Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language in Gen and Spe Ed
  • Research
    • The successful preparation of pre-service literacy teachers
    • The effective integration of technology for ENL, ADHD and struggling literacy learners and other diverse  populations.
    • The integration of effective literacy strategies for the inclusive class.  
    • The development of assessment tools for self and student reflection and growth.  
    • The application of assistive and adaptive technologies for literacy learning and instruction.

    Current Projects:

    • Publishing articles and conducting research focused on successful literacy strategies for the inclusive class.
    • Developing creative and practical methods for using computer and telecommunication resources to improve literacy learning and teaching for a variety of students.
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    Publications :

    • Rizopoulos, L. Wolpert, G. (2015). Preparing future teachers to authentically assess English language learners.  Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (in review)  
    • Rizopoulos, L. Toscano, L. (2014).  Myths and Misconceptions Associated with English Learners.  New York Academy of Public Education, Issue 3, p. 11-16. 
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    • Rizopoulos, L. , Occhiogross, G. (2012).  Preservice teachers’ personal reading histories:  Implications for future instruction. Excelsior:  Leadership in Teaching and Learning.  Published by the New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NYACTE).  pp. 65-77.  Vol. 6 – No. 2.  
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    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004). Learning from content area textbooks – strategies for the inclusion classroom  The Reader  v.28m Summer, p. 25-28.
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004). Traditional and innovative approaches to fluency development: The neglected area of the curriculum. The Language and Literacy Spectrum – The Journal of the New York State Reading Association.  V. 14, spring, 22-30.  Internet site:
    • Rizopoulos, L. Wolpert, G. (2004).  An overview of the techniques used to develop the literacy skills of adolescents with developmental delays. Education, v. 125 fall, 2004 No. 1 p. 130-136

    College-Wide Publications:

    •  Rizopoulos, L. (2005) Equity and diversity resources, Vistas Education Journal, published by Kappa Delta Pi, the honor society in education.  (The Journal of Education at Manhattan College)
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2005): Developing literacy skills through the use of computer assisted instruction- resources for the general education teacher  Written by:   The Reading in the Content Area Class (402) Edited by Dr. Lisa Anne Rizopoulos, Vistas Education Journal, published by Kappa Delta Pi, the honor society in education.
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004). An interview with multicultural author Denize Lauture, Stories that highlight Haitian culture. Vistas Education Journal, published by Kappa Delta Pi, the honor society in education. 
    • Rizopoulos, L (2003) Teaching literacy development through an inquiry-based, multimedia approach Vistas Education Journal, published by Kappa Delta Pi, the honor society in education.  Vistas Journal of the School of Education, 14-16
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2003) Stories of hope and peace   Vistas Education Journal, published by Kappa Delta Pi, the honor society in education.   Vistas Journal of the School of Education, 29

    Proceeding Of A Conference:

    • Rizopoulos, L. (2005) Vocabulary for the inclusive classroom. Audio taped presentation for the International Dyslexia Association archives.  (peer reviewed).

    Conferences/Presentations :

    Local  Presentations-  Manhattan College


    • Rizopoulos, L. (2007). Vocabulary strategies for the inclusion classroom.  St. Thomas Aquinas College/The Rockland Reading Council


    • Rizopoulos, L. (2006). Comprehension strategies that get students thinking.  St. Thomas Aquinas College/ The Rockland Reading Council


    • Rizopoulos, L.(2005).  Balanced literacy.  Presented for Kappa Delta Pi and the Association for       Supervision and Curriculum Development. (April 13, 2005)
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2005). Famous women in history for Project Americana – The Yonkers Public School District April, 2005 and May 24, 2005
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2005).  Adapting literature circles for the inclusive classroom.  Presented at the New York City Association of Assistant Principals Supervision – English (NYCAAPSE) – Our Mutual Estate:  Looking Both Ways:  Literary Perspectives Theme: Literature and Teaching Literature, May 24, 2005
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2005).  Using technology for inquiry and literacy development. Intec Middle School, Bronx, NY March, 2005
    • Rizopoulos, L.(2005).  A Multisensory approach to vocabulary development.   Presented at the St. Thomas Aquinas Literacy Extravaganza – The Rockland Reading Council, a chapter of the International Reading Association.


    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004).  Reading in the content areas. Presented and created for the Carmel School District. Workshops for district-wide staff development.
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004).  Strategies for activating prior knowledge across the content areas.  Faculty Development at Manhattan College, January, 2004
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004).  Primary writing strategies.  The Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative Education Development Center, Inc. Building Literacy in the Primary Grades – Yonkers Public School District, August 14, 2004
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004).  Effective strategies for teaching mysteries.  Presented for the Rockland Reading Council (May 20, 2004)
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2004).  Curriculum Adaptation.  Presented for the Special Education Training and Resource Center – the Yonkers Public Schools.  (June 19, 2004)


    • Rizopoulos, L.  (2003).  Personal reflections on student teaching.  Student Teaching Commitment and Commissioning, August 26, 2003
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2003).  Literacy and your children – Effective at-home literacy strategies.  Pelham Middle School, Pelham, NY  January 8, 2003
    •  Rizopoulos, L. (2003).  Reading in the content areas – An Emphasis on Comprehension and Vocabulary Development.  Presented for the Archdiocese of New York, November, 2003.


    • Rizopoulos, L. (2002).  The writing process – helping children become fluent creative writers.  Presented for the Yonkers  Public  School System – Staff Development Workshops (November 17, 2002)
    • Rizopoulos, L.  (2002).   Education in urban communities:  Startling statistics from the field.  Social action workshop for Lois Harr.   2001 and 2002.
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2002).  Building a strong learning community   (2 sessions) The 27th Annual Parents and Reading Conference (January 4, 2002) Manhattan Reading Council – An affiliate of the New York State Reading Association and chartered by the International Reading Association
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2002).  Informal/authentic reading assessment.  Presented Community School District 11, Bronx, NY
    • Rizopoulos, L. (2002).  Strategies and activities for improving comprehension.  Sacred Heart, Yonkers, NY  (August 2, 2002)


    • Rizopoulos, L.  (2001).   An overview of the volunteerism at the Manhattan College Learning Resource Clinic.  Presented at the Institute for Catholic Identity: Called to Cure:  Spirituality, Service, and Social Justice, Manhattan College, June 28, 2001.


    • Rizopoulos, L. (2000).  Primary writing strategies.  Theme: Building Literacy in Primary Grades. Presented to The Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative Education Development Center, Inc.  The Yonkers Public School District (August 14, 2000) 
  • Professional Experience and Memberships

     Memberships :

    • The International Reading Association
    • The International Dyslexia Association
    • Kappa Delta Pi
    • The Association for Curriculum Development


    • New York State Permanent Public School Teacher Certificate in Literacy (K-12)
  • Honors, Awards, and Grants

    Honors & Awards :

    • Awarded as being one of the mot influential women in the Bronx (2015)
    • Distinguised Woman of the Year - Amy Paulin, Congressional Award from Westchester County 3/29/2014.  Dr. Lisa Anne Rizopoulos Day is on March 29, 2014.
    • Woman of Distinction Award from Manhattan College (2014)
    • Editor and submission award from the Educator's Voice (2014-2015)
    • Recipient of the Distinguised Lasallian Educator Award (2013).  Recognition for commitment to the ideals of John Baptist de La Salle including excellence in teaching, respect for individual dignity, and commitment to social justice.
    • Commendation letter from Brother Alvaro, Superior General and brother Schieler, General Councilor for the article titled, "Lasallian Practices Offer Strategies for Understanding 21st Century Students" in Momentum.   
    • Award from the Professional Journal of the New York Academy of Public Education for the article, "Strengthening Family Involvement for Second Language Learners." 
    • Chosen for the International Leadership Prgoram for Lasallian Universities, June, 2011, Rome, Italy. 
    • Inducted/reinducted into Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education (Fordham University and Manhattan College)
    • Awarded for scholarship and teaching by Kappa Delta Pi. 
    • Acknowledged  by  the New York State United Teachers for an exemplary article submission to the Educator’s Voice.  2009
    • Nominated for an Alumni Achievement Award from Fordham University, 2005-2006
    • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers – Awarded in September,  2005-2006
    • Kappa Delta Pi – Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education – Fordham University, Manhattan College
    • Kappa Delta Pi – Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education – Award for Scholarship and Leadership. 
    • Re-inducted into the Manhattan College Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi  – April, 2004
    • Acknowledged for co-sponsoring the Rockland Literacy Extravaganza (2002-Present)   (2001-Present)  
    • Inducted in Kappa Delta Pi  - Fordham University Chapter – 1999 and acknowledged for Educational Leadership 2005