Karen Nicholson

Associate Professor, Education

A longtime Manhattan College education professor, Karen Nicholson, Ph.D., was named dean of the School of Education and Health in June 2016. 

Nicholson is the founder of the College’s Center for the Study of the Future of Education, which seeks to contribute to the academic discussion regarding key educational issues that impact teaching and learning in the 21st century. She also has led the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation reaccreditation process for the School of Education and Health after leading the successful Middle States accreditation process in 2012.

A member of the Manhattan College faculty since 1994, Nicholson has been honored as a Distinguished Lasallian Educator by her peers at the College and by the New York District. Prior to joining Manhattan College, Nicholson spent five years on the faculty of Penn State, Harrisburg, five years on the faculty of West Virginia Institute of Technology, and six years as an elementary school classroom teacher in Charleston, West Virginia.

Nicholson received a bachelor of science from West Virginia State college, a master of arts from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies and a Ph.D. from Ohio State University.

In addition to training early childhood, elementary, secondary, bilingual and special education teachers, the School of Education and Health prepares undergraduate students looking to break into careers in the following varied professions: athletic coaching, sports management, health care administration, human services, physical education, radiation therapy technology and nuclear medicine technology. The school also offers graduate programs in mental health and school counseling, alcohol and substance abuse counseling, school building leadership and special education.


  • PHD, Ohio State University: Marion
  • MA, West Virginia State College
  • BS, West Virginia State College

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 318      Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDUC 354      Integrated Learning Grade 4-6
  • EDUG 733      Approaches to Multicultural Education for the At Risk and Disabled Student
  • EDUG 781      Management Techniques and Curriculum for the At Risk and Behaviorally Disordered
  • Research
    • The preparation of Effective Teachers
    • Multicultural Education
    • Equity in Education
    • Program design and development in Teacher Education 

    Current Projects:

    • Working with other teacher educators through NYCPD to raise awareness of racism and to promote equity in education. 
    • Working with the Lasallian Education Committee to raise campus-wide awareness of the need for lay partners and Christian Brothers to work together to advance our work of providing quality education for all.
    • National Accreditation
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
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  • Honors, Awards, and Grants
    • Distinguished LaSallian Educator, New York District, 2008.
    • Selected to attend the First International LaSallian Higher Education Leadership Program, Rome, Italy, June 2007.
    • Distinguished LaSallian Educator for 2002-2003, Manhattan College. Recognition for commitment to the ideals of John Baptist de La Salle including excellence in teaching, respect for individual dignity and commitment to social justice.
    • Thomas C. Holy Memorial Fellowship, March 1981. The Ohio State University.  Presented by the Graduate School recognizing potential in research.
  • Other

    Certifications and Licenses:

    • West Virginia Lifetime Professional Teaching Certificate
    • Grades 1 - 6 Multisubjects and 1 - 9 Language Arts