Jason Wyman

Jason Wyman received his Ph.D. from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. He is a constructive theologian and Christian social ethicist. His first book, Constructing Constructive Theology: An Introductory Sketch (Fortress, 2017), recounts the history of constructive theology and describes its key methodological features and themes.


  • Ph.D. Union Theological Seminary
  • M.Div. Union Theological Seminary
  • B.A. Kalamazoo College

Courses Taught

  • RELS: 110 - The Nature and Experience of Religion
  • Research
    • Constructive Theology
    • Christian Social Ethics
    • Global politics and religion/ethics
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
    • Constructing Constructive Theology: An Introductory Sketch
      (Fortress, 2017)
    • Fight the Good Fight: Progressive Christian Political Passions in Public (Fortress, 2018)
    • Baby, They're Going to Burn Your House Down (Fortress, 2018)
    • Constructive Theology and Methodologyeditor (T&T Clark/Bloomsbury, 2018)
      "Interpreting the History of the Workgroup on Constructive Theology," Theology Today, Jan. 2017
    • "Constructive Theology and Black Liberation Theology: A History of Irony and Resonance," Black Theology: An International Journal, Winter 2017