Joseph Rosen

Adjunct, Management & Marketing

Joseph Rosen, M.B.A. is an electronic trading industry veteran with more than 25 years experience as an exchange executive, adviser, Chief Information Officer & Quant, author, lecturer, as well as developer and marketer of electronic trading systems. Prior to incorporating RKA Inc. in 2006, he was Managing Director, Trading Technology/Head of Technology Marketing at the New York Stock Exchange, where he developed, coordinated and executed Exchange-wide initiatives to promote NYSE’s trading/technology products.

Rosen has contributed in various capacities to over a hundred organizations across all segments of the global securities and investments industry, including work with scores of financial technology vendors across most functional areas. He has lectured globally, and been widely published, including several books.

Rosen has served as adjunct professor at Polytechnic University and King Graduate School of Business, and has taught at Manhattan College since 1990.

Prior to his business career, he served in a combat infantry brigade of the Israel Defense Forces between 1974 and 1976.


  • B.A. in Social Sciences, Stony Brook University
  • M.A. in Political Science, Stony Brook University
  • M.B.A in Finance, Marketing, and International Business, Columbia University School of Business

Courses Taught

  • MGMT 430 - Business, Government & Society
  • MGMT 406 - Strategic Management
  • MGMT 201 - Introduction to Management



  • Research
    • Electronic trading
    • Advisory & Research Services for Senior Executives on the Use Of Technology in Global Capital Markets
    • Expert Witness
    • Patent Litigation
    • Due Diligence
    • Training Seminars on Industry Trends
    • Identifying potential portfolio companies
    • C-Level client relationship management
    • Select senior management introductions
    • IT/General Management
    • PR/Media, Marketing & Conferences/Public Speaking
    • Strategic business/marketing planning
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities



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