Jordan Pascoe

Professor, Philosophy

I teach ethics, law, and social/political philosophy, with an emphasis on feminist, global, and non-Western philosophy. I have been a pre-law advisor at Manhattan College since 2015, and I love working with students to prepare for law school. My courses explore philosophy as a practical, real-world tool for both understanding and interpreting the law, and as a critical apparatus for disaster planning and response. I think philosophy can help us to come at problems from unconventional angles, and to bring a systematic, critical eye to serious, real-world problems. 

Learn more about my work here. I am the coordinator of the Women and Gender Studies Program and the co-director of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love. I was also the co-founder of Manhattan College's Women and Gender Resource Center.


  • PHD, CUNY Graduate Center
  • MPHIL, CUNY Graduate Center
  • MA, CUNY Graduate Center
  • BA, New York University

Courses Taught

  • Black Feminist Philosophy (Phil 401)
  • Global and Feminist Epistemology (Phil 399)
  • Philosophy of Love and Sex (Phil 352)
  • Feminist Ethics (Phil 201)
  • Philosophy of Law (PHIL 230)
  • Philosophy of Race, Class, and Gender (PHIL 350)
  • Africana Philosophy (PHIL 232)
  • Disaster Ethics (PHIL 201)
  • Ethics (PHIL 201)
  • Roots (PHIL 150)
  • Research

    My forthcoming book develops interdisciplinary approaches to disaster preparedness and response. My first book examines Immanuel Kant's account of labor, and develops an intersectional approach to reading Kant. I also examine the intersection of contemporary epistemology, Kantian philosophy, and the philosophy of sexuality, engaging questions around consent, pleasure, power, and bodily autonomy. All of my research examines the relationships between Enlightenment philosophy and contemporary decolonial projects, with an emphasis on constructions of gender, sexuality, domestic labor, and the family. I am committed to approaching philosophical questions from below, in non-ideal circumstances like disasters, decolonial struggles, and discriminatory law. These questions are built into the classes I teach at Manhattan College. 

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities


    Kant's Theory of Labour: An Intersectional Analysis. Cambridge University Press.


    The Epistemology of Disasters and Social Change: Pandemics, Protests, and Possibilities with Mitch Stripling. Rowman Littlefield June 2024.

    Peer Reviewed Publications

      • “Parasitic Resilience: The Next Phase of Public Health Preparedness Must Address Power Imbalances Between Communities.” With Mitch Stripling. Health Securities Fall 2023.

        “The Aftermath of Roe v. Wade.” APA Studies in Feminism and Philosophy Fall 2023.

        “The Whiteness of Consent.” In Consent: Gender, Power and Subjectivity. Edited by Laurie James-Hawkins and Róisín Ryan-Flood. Routledge Press 2023.

      • "Beyond Consent: Setting and Sharing Sexual Ends." Philosophies 8(2), 2023.
      • "Kant and Feminist Political Thought, Redux: Complicity, Accountability, and Refusal" With Dilek Huseyinzadegan. In the Palgrave Handbook for Feminism and German Idealism, 2023.
      • "Respect Women": Lessons for Men After #MeToo. In the Palgrave Handbook for Sexual Ethics. Edited by David Boonin. 2022.

        "A Feminist Rethinking of Disaster Response." With Mitch Stripling. In the Palgrave Handbook for International Political Theory. Edited by Howard Williams. Forthcoming 2023.

      • "Surging Solidarity: Reorienting Ethics for Pandemics." With Mitch Stripling. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal September 2020.
      • "Rethinking Race and Gender in Kant: Toward a Non-Ideal, Intersectional Kant.SGIR Review 2 (2019): 84-99.
      • "A Lasallian Response to Rape Culture." With Sarah Scott. AXIS: A Lasallian Journal Summer 2020.
      •  "On Finding Yourself in a State of Nature." Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 5.3 (2019).
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      • "Working Women and Monstrous Mothers: Kant, Marx, and the Valuation of Domestic Labour." Kantian Review, 22(4), 2018 pp. 599-618.
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      • “Patriarchalism and Enlightenment.” In Patriarchal Moments, eds. Ceasare Cuttica and Gaby Mahlberg. Bloomsbury Academic Studies. 
      • "Personhood, Protection, and Promiscuity: Some thoughts on Kant, Mothers, and Infanticide." APA Newsletter on Feminist Philosophy, 2011.
      • “Kant and Kinky Sex.” In What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Lover. Open Court Press, 2012.

    Conference Papers & Invited Talks

    • "Kant's Intersectional Argument." Workshop on Kant and Racial Discrimination. Ruhr-Universität Bochum. February 2022.
    • "Labour and Kantian Intersectionality." Invited Talk at the University of Grenoble. January 20, 2022.
    • "Designing Sex: Visions for 2050." At the Graz Museum Discourse Festival,
    •  Graz, Austria, July 20, 2021.
    • Gender Politics: Feminist Reorientations of Disaster Response. With Mitch Stripling. Part of the Handbook of IPT workshop series at Cardiff University. October 2020.
    • "Respect Women: Thinking Beyond Consent." Atlantic Region Philosopher's Association. Cape Breton University October 24 2019.
    • "Thinking Beyond Consent." Society for Analytic Feminism at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Meeting. Vancouver, BC April 2019.
    • "Towards a Non-Ideal, Intersectional Kant: Race, Gender, and a prioricity." Society for German Idealism and Romanticism, American Philosophical Association Eastern Meeting January 2019.
    • "Occupying Toussaint L'Ouverture: Haiti and Decolonial Disaster Response." With Mitchell Stripling. International Association of Emergency Managers Annual Conference, October 2016.
    • "Abortion in the State of Nature: Towards a Kantian Account of Bodily Autonomy." Society for Analytical Feminism, September 2016.
    • "Occupying Toussaint L'Ouverture: Haiti and Decolonial Disaster Response." With Mitchell Stripling. Caribbean Philosopical Association, June 2016.
    • "Kant and Colonial Revolution: America and Haiti." North American Kant Society Biennial Conference, June 2016.
    • "Thinking from the Underside of Kant's Cosmopolitanism." Caribbean Philosophical Association Annual Conference, November 2013.
    • "From Biological Inferiority to Rightful Inequality." European Consortium for Political Research, September 2013.
    • "Kant, Retributivism, and the Ethics of Dueling." Invited talk at West Point Academy, October 2013.
    • "Kant's Concubines." New York Society for Women in Philosophy, July 2013.
    • "Kant's Juridical Cosmopolitanism." North American Kant Society Biennial Conference, May 2013.
    • "Why Kant’s Account of Marriage Can’t Morally Transform Sex." Society for the Philosophy of Love and Sex Panel at the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, December 27-30, 2011, Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC.
    • “Two Models of Exclusion: Institutional Racism and Cosmopolitan Thought.”  Caribbean Philosophical Association 2011 Conference. Septemper 29-October 1st. Rutgers, New Jersey.
    • “Marriage in Decolonial African Thought: Gender and Institutional Epistemologies.” Disciplining Sexuality, Unruly Performances: A Queer/Transgender/Feminist Theory Conference. Friday, May 27, 2011 University of California at Davis.
    • “The Transformation of External Freedom: On Kant’s Third Sphere of Political Society.”  PhiloSOPHIA Annual Conference.  May 5-8, 2011.  Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.
    • “Kant’s Raced Cosmopolitanism.” British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual Conference.  March 29-31, 2011.  University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.
    • “Promiscuity, Personhood, and Protection: On Kant and Infanticide.”  New York Society for Women in Philosophy Workshop.  February 24, 2011.  NYU, New York, NY.

    Philosophy and Popular Culture

    • “The Virtues of Chosing Your Faction.” In Divergent and Philosophy. Ed. Courtland Lewis. Open Court Press, 2015.
    • "How Not To Be A Slut (Even When Everyone Already Thinks You Are)." Veronica Mars and Philosophy. Wiley Press, 2014.
    • "Learning from Aliens." Ender's Game and Philosophy. Open Court Press, 2013.
    • "Telling Each Other Everything." How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy. Open Court Press, 2013.


  • Professional Experience and Memberships

    Co-Curator, Society for the Philosophy of Love and Sex

    Prior Pofessional Experience

    • Associate Professor, Manhattan College, 2017-2023
    • Assistant Professor, Manhattan College, 2014-2017
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, Manhattan College, 2012-2014
    • Adjunct Lecturer, John Jay College and Hunter College, CUNY 2004-2011  (Courses Taught: Political Philosophy, Ethics and Law, Community and Responsibility in Post-Revolutionary South Africa, Ethics and Superheroes, Marriage in the 21st Century, Philosophy and the Rule of Law)