Jennifer Gullesserian

Visiting Assistant Professor

Graduate Counseling, Leadership & Education

Dr. Gullesserian is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist in New York. Before becoming a Visiting Assistant Professor/Coordinator of the Graduate Mental Health Counseling Program, Dr. Gullesserian was an Adjunct Assistant Professor from 2009-2014 and then an Adjunct Associate Professor from 2014-2015 for the School of Education and Health-Graduate Counseling Programs. Dr. Gullesserian continues to serve as a student advisor for the Graduate Counseling Programs. In addition, Dr. Gullesserian has worked professionally and/or trained in a diverse number of mental health settings including schools, college counseling centers, foster care agencies, outpatient mental health clinics and hospitals before beginning her teaching career.


  • PHD, New York University
  • MA, New York University
  • BA, Pepperdine University

Courses Taught

EDUG 713

Methods of Educational and Psychological Research

EDUG 721

Introduction to Counseling Practices and Theories

EDUG 732

Practicum in Counseling

EDUG 821

Internship in School Counseling I

EDUG 827

Internship in School Counseling II

EDUG 851

Data Analysis and Report Writing in Educational & Psychological Research

EDUG 894

Internship Mental Health Counseling II

  • Research

    July 2006- March 2008

    Title: The Associations Between Child Characteristics and Family Functioning and Academic Achievement and Social Competence in Inner-city Gifted Children

    Sept. 2001-August 2004

    INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament Project, New York University

    Data Manager

    May 2001-August 2001

    New York Housing Study, Harlem, NY

    Data Specialist

    January 2001

    New York University, Department of Community Psychology, Adolescent Diary Study, New York, NY

    Research Assistant

    Sept. 2000-Feb. 2011

    New York University, Department of Social Work, Adoption and After Study, New York,NY

    Research Assistant

    April 1999- July 2000

    San Fernando Child and Family Guidance Center,North Hills,CA

    Assistant Research Coordinator

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    Gulleserian, J. December, 2015. Maintaining your Practice Current. Guest Panelist at Manhattan Field Support Center School Counseling Professional Learning Session #4, New York, NY.

    McClowry, S., & Gullesserian, J. October, 2006. INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament. Presented Workshop at the New York City Association for Education of Young Children Development Conference, New York, NY.

    Godder, G., & Gullesserian, J. October, 2005. Etiology, assessment, and treatment of ADHD, and classroom management techniques for teachers. Paper presented at the Holy Trinity Elementary School Professional Day, Whitestone,N.Y.

    Gullesserian, J., & Godder, G. October, 2005. Covert school bullying and classroom interventions. Paper presented at the Holy Trinity Elementary School Professional Day,Whitestone,N.Y.

    McClowry, S., Snow, D., Carlson, A., Tamis-LeMonda, C., & Gullesserian, J. (2005). Child temperament and teacher feedback: Relationships to student engagement and disruption in the classroom. Poster presented at the Temperament and Personality Development Preconference at the Society for Research and Child Development, Atlanta,GA.

    Gullesserian, J., McClowry, S., Tamis-Lemonda, C., Snow, D., & Carlson, A. May, 2004. Teacher Feedback as a Mediator Between Child Temperament and Student Classroom Behavior, Fourth Annual Cross-University Collaborative Mentoring Conference: A Multidimensional Perspective on Readiness, New York, NY.

    Briggs, R., Carlson, A. & Gullesserian, J., April, 2003. Education Attainment and Parent-Child Interactions in African American Families, Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting,Tampa,FL.

    Carlson, A., McClowry, S., Briggs, R., & Gullesserian, J. April, 2003. The Relationships Among Child Temperament, Student Behavior, and Teacher Feedback, Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting,Tampa,FL.

    March, R., Hooker, K., Dale, K., Godder, G., Gullesserian, J., Marron, E., & Sattin, J., February, 2002. Perspectives from New York Cityon the September 11th Tragedy and Its Aftermath-Lessons learned from 9/11: Practical Applications for School Psychologists, National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention,Chicago,IL. 

    March, R., Hooker, K., Arnold, J., Dale, K., Deteso, J., Godder, G., Groossman, S., Gullesserian, J., Marron, E., Sattin, J., & Shrem, M. (2001, December). September 11: Perspectives fromNew York CitySchoolPsychologists. Communiqué, 30(4), 16.

    Gullesserian, J.A., Weisman, A.M., Sharma, K.K., & Tobias, P., February, 2001. Typology and Triggers that lead to Juvenile Parricide, American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Convention,Seattle,WA.

    Weisman, A.M., Sharma, K.K., Tobias, P., Ehrenclou, M., Gullesserian, J.A., & Peterson, S. February, 1999. Adolescents Who Kill Their Parents, American Academy of Forensic Science Annual Convention,Orlando,FL.


    2013  Treatment Resistant Anxiety, Worry, and Panic: 60 Effective Stratigies

    2013   Using the DSM-5 for Revolutionizing Diagnosis and Treatment

    2010   Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (recertification)

    2010   Invisibility Syndrome: A Clinical Model of the Effects of Racism on African-American Males

    2009   Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Advanced Training (EBT)

    2008   Coping Power Individual Child Program (EBT- NYSOMH)

    2008   Parent Training for Disruptive Behavior Disorder (EBT-NYSOMH)

    2008   How to Make an Aggressive and Violent Youth: Implications for Prevention and Treatment

    2008   Play-Based Interventions for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

    2007   Engaging Families of Young Children

    2007   Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (EBT)

    2007   Play Therapy 101

    2007   Addressing the Unique Socioemotional Needs of the Gifted Student

    2007   Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

  • Professional Experience and Memberships



    Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY

    Coordinator Graduate Mental Health Counseling Program/Advisor for Graduate Counseling Programs/Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Education and Health


    Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY

    Counseling Student Advisor, School of Education and Health-Graduate Counseling Programs


    Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY

    Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education and Health- Graduate Counseling Programs


    Manhattan College, Riverdale,NY

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education and Health- Graduate Counseling Programs


    2016- Current   American Mental Health Counselors Association, Member

    2015- Current   New York Mental Health Counselors Association, Member

    2013- 2014        American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Member

    2006- Current   NYS Psychological Association, Member

    2000- Current   American Psychological Association, Member

    2000- Current   National Association of School Psychologists, Member


  • Honors, Awards, and Grants

    Honors & Awards

    2007   Leaska Dissertation Research Award, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University

    2006   National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Graduate Student Research Award

  • Other


    Psychologist, New York State, (0182731), effective 9/2009

    School Psychologist Certification, New York State, effective 9/2008