James Riedel



Over the past four years, I am an educator, teaching introductory psychology, research methods, and statistics courses to college undergraduate students. For over 15 years I had managed, or conducted entirely, program evaluations on a wide array of topics (see Publications and Professional Activities, below). My primary responsibilities included: identification, development, and refinement of outcomes’ indicators; instrument development; and data collection, analysis, and utilization.

Prior to that, I conducted evaluations of funded initiatives in New York City’s public schools, and the state of public education in Delaware. Previous experience includes research with psychiatric in-patients and with adolescents & women in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation hospital.

Most of my personal time is spent with my wife and son. We enjoy good conversation, organic gardening, and many physical activities, including swimming, skiing (water & snow), bicycling, tennis, golf, bowling, hiking, and camping, as well as team sports. We also love to travel to see new horizons, both geographically and culturally.


  • B.A. in Psychology, UW - Milwaukee
  • M.A. in Psychology, The New School for Social Research
  • Ph.D. in Measurement, Statistics, & Evaluation, University of Delaware


Courses Taught

  • PSYC 203 - Introduction to Psychology
  • PYSC 209 - Introduction to Psychology - II
  • PSYC 315 - Research Methods 
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities


    • Riedel, J.A. (2001). Academic Engagement in Two RE:Learning High Schools. Dissertation Abstracts International.

    Professional Activies: 

    Over 20 presentations at the annual meetings of the American Evaluation Association and the American Educational Research Association.Topics include:

    • Science, technology, engineering & mathematics
    • Anti-violence education
    • Children of imprisoned parents
    • Outcomes measurement in youth development programs
    • Feminist issues in evaluation
    • Public perceptions of the condition of public education
    • Intercultural teacher education
    • Arts in education

    Six co-authorships on peer-reviewed, academic journal articles on the psychophysiological response patterns of people with schizophrenia or depression.

  • Other
    • With only 3300 undergraduates, you are offered a low instructor:student ratio for a top quality liberal arts education at this small Catholic college. 
    • One of the benefits for my students is that I am willing to give dedicated time to anyone who approaches me with a concern about their performance in the course or a personal matter.