Gerardo Carfagno

Associate Professor, Biology

My research is in the areas of Behavioral and Physiological Ecology, with particular interest in reptile and amphibian species.


  • PHD, University of Illinois Urbana
  • BA, Dartmouth College

Courses Taught

BIOL 111 & 112 General Biology I & II

BIOL 223 Ecology

BIOL 301 Comparative Chordate Anatomy

BIOL 320 Animal Physiology

BIOL 326 Animal Behavior

BIOL 406 Conservation Biology

BIOL 404 & 414 Colloquium I & II

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    DeGregorio BA, Blouin-Demers G, Carfagno GLF, Gibbons JW, Mullin S, Sperry JH, Willson JD, Wray K, Weatherhead PJ. Geographic variation in body size and sexual size dimorphism of North American Ratsnakes (Pantherophis spp. s.l.). Canadian Journal of Zoology 96:1196-1202, 2018.

    Thompson LB, Carfagno GLF, Andresen K, Sitton AJ, Bury T, Lee LL, Lerner KT, Fong PP. Differential uptake of gold nanoparticles by two species of tadpole, the wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) and the bullfrog (L. catesbeianus). Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 36:3351-3358, 2017.

    Fong PP, Thompson LB, Carfagno GLF, Sitton AJ. Long-term exposure to gold nanoparticles accelerates larval metamorphosis without affecting mass in wood frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus) at environmentally relevant concentrations. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 35:2304-2310, 2016.

    Carfagno GLF, Fong PP. Growth inhibition of tadpoles exposed to sertraline in the presence of conspecifics. Journal of Herpetology 48:571-576, 2014.

    Weatherhead PJ, Sperry JH, Carfagno GLF, Blouin-Demers G. Latitudinal variation in thermal ecology of North American ratsnakes and its implications for the effect of climate warming on snakes. Journal of Thermal Biology 37:273-281, 2012.

    Carfagno GLF, Carithers JM, Mycoff LJ, Lehtinen RM. How the cricket frog lost its spot: the inducible defense hypothesis. Herpetologica 67:386-396, 2011.

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