Farrukh Fattoyev

Assistant Professor, Physics


Ph.D., Florida State University (2011)

M.Sc., University of Trieste and Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (2007)

M.Sc., National University of Uzbekistan (2004)

B.Sc., Samarkand State University (2002)

Courses Taught

  • OPPR 004: Oppr-Introduction To Physics
  • PHYS 101: Physics I
  • PHYS 102: Physics II
  • PHYS 191: Physics I Lab
  • PHYS 311: Atomic & Nuclear Physics
  • PHYS 341: Topics in Astrophysics
  • PHYS 415: Statistical Mechanics
  • SCI 201: Introduction Astronomy
  • SCI 201: Introduction Astronomy
  • SCI 201: Introduction Astronomy
  • Research
    My research in theoretical neutron star astrophysics focuses on the studies of structure, composition, and dynamics of neutron stars (mass, radii, moments of inertia, tidal deformability, nuclear pasta, cooling processes, gravitational wave emissions, etc.) through developing and employing the equation of state of neutron-star matter. My research in nuclear theory focuses on the understanding of isovector nuclear interaction through building and developing nuclear energy density functionals in the context of the Relativistic Mean-Field and Skyrme Hartree-Fock models, and through studies of the density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy, neutron and weak charge distribution, as well as the neutron skin thickness of medium to heavy nuclei. My research publications can be found on my Google Scholar page or in my ADS private library.
  • Honors, Awards, and Grants
      • Summer Research Grant, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Manhattan College (2018)
      • Co-PI, “Large Quantum Simulations of Nuclear Pasta”, 4.3 million service units NSF XSEDE computer time grant AST100014 (2016)
      • Dirac-Hellman Award in Theoretical Physics, Florida State University (2012)
      • Young Scientist Award, Second Place, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences (2010)
      • ICTP-TRIL Fellowship, The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, UNESCO-IAEA (2005-2007)
      • Al-Biruni State Fellowship, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education, Republic of Uzbekistan (2001-2002)