Evriclea Voudouri-Maniati

Associate Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering


  • PHD, Polytechnic University
  • MS, Polytechnic University
  • BS, Polytechnic University

Courses Taught

  • CMPE 471      Telecommunications
  • ELEC 417       Electrical Engineering Lab III
  • ECEG 723      Software Engineering
  • ECEG 520      Computer Architecture I
  • ECEG 520      Computer Architecture I (Web)
  • ECEG 721      Embedded Systems
  • ECEG 727      Computer Networks
  • ECEG 472      Computer Networks 
  • ECEG 728      Operating Systems
  • ECEG 796      Special Topic: in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • EECE 317      E.E. Laboratory I
  • EECE 520      Computer Architecture I
  • EECE 530      Wireless Technology
  • ELEC 408      Digital Systems Design
  • ELEC 419      Senior Project
  • ENGS 116      Introduction to Engineering Computation
  • Research
    • Voudouri-Maniati, Evriclea “Robust statistics for Energy Detectors under non-Rayleigh Reverberation and Fading” in preparation for submission to the IEEE Journal in Oceanic Engineering
    • Voudouri-Maniati, Evriclea “A Class of Robust Detectors for Powerline Communication Channels”in preparation for submission to Journal of Applied Math in Decision Theory
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
    • "Voudouri-Maniati, Evriclea and Skipitaris, Demetrios "Robust Detection in Power Line Communication for OFDM and non-Rayleigh Fading Channels", proceedings of the IEEE, IS on Powerline Communication, V.1, pp 459-465, March 2007.
    • "Voudouri-Maniati, Evriclea "Multiuser Robust Detection for Frequency Hopped Signals in Non-Raleigh Fading Channels" Proceedings of the IEEE sponsored Military Communications , V. 1, pp 369-374, October 2003
    • "Voudouri-Maniati, Evriclea “Multiuser Robust CDMA Detection for Underwater Acoustic Communication Channels”, Proceedings of the IEEE/MTS OCEANS2002, Vol 1, pp 612-618, October 2002
    • "A Neural Network Approach to Nonparametric & Robust Classification Procedures", IEEE Transactions on Neural Nets, Vol 8, pp288-298, March 1997.
    • "A Neural Networks Approach to Sequential Robust Detectors", Proceedings of the  IEEE Workshop on Nonlinear Signal & Image Processing. Vol 2, pp 583-586 June 1995
    • "A Class of Sequential Robust Partition Detectors with Dependent Sampling", Journal of the Acoustical  Society of America, Vol 90, pp2492-2500, Nov 1991
  • Professional Experience and Memberships

    Professional Experience

    • Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York, 11201 Teaching Fellow September 1976-1982, Adjunct Faculty September 1976-1985
    • Viane Co. Panasonic Representative Athens, Summer 1972 Summer 1973
    • Teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of  communications,  computer engineering and digital signal processing


    Professional Engineer (New York State), member of IEEE since 1977 (Communications, Oceanic Engineering, Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Computers), Order of the Engineer, ASEE, Sigma Xi, Eta Kapa Nu

  • Honors, Awards, and Grants
    • Inducted in the Polytechnic Silver Jubilee Society (2001).
    • $224,135 software grant (SYSTEMVIEW) from ELANIX Corporation (Fall 2002).
    • Merit Award from the IEEE and WIE New York chapters (2006).
    • Manhattan College Summer grant (1987, 1992), NEC grants for participation in the 1987, 1988, 1991, 1994, and 1996 Eastern Communications Forum, NSF Grant to participate in the “Wireless Communications” course at Polytechnic University (1998).