Br. David Van Hollebeke

Retired, Speaker on Financial Aid and Admissions
Br. David was born in Detroit, MI. He lived there for 16 years, before he left for Barrytown, NY to pursue his interest in becoming a Brother. Br. David came to Manhattan College in 1970. Though he taught math to non-math majors at the College, his area of expertise is admissions and financial aid. Br. David is now retired, but he continues to give talks to parents and students at various high schools on these subjects. He counts reading, crossword puzzles, golf and Broadway shows among his hobbies.
Areas of expertise: 
admissions, financial aid, public relations talks to parents and students in various high schools
On becoming a Christian Brother:
It was about 1948 that I knew I wanted to become a Christian Brother. I was inspired by the Brothers who taught me at De La Salle Collegiate High School in Michigan.
Other Brothers who have been inspirations or mentors: 
Br. Phillip Braniff
What is one meaningful experience that you have had as a teacher?
A girl who was an English major needed three credits in math to graduate. She had failed math three times already, and she was about to drop my course. She came to me in tears. I said, "Just come to class and I’ll give you a C." She told me that she would always help a failing student because of the kindness and understanding I had shown her.
On his assignments:
Teaching in grammar school, you learn how to teach. You had the same students for all day and you could really spend time teaching the subject matter thoroughly.
On his greatest contribution to the College:
Hard work
On the future of the College:
It will do well as long as Brother influence is present.
Prior to coming to Manhattan College, Br. David taught in New York City at Sacred Heart School, Holy Name School, and St. Augustine School as well as at Lincoln Hall in Somers, NY and St. Joseph of the Palisades High School in West New York, NJ.


  • B.A. Chemistry, The Catholic University of America, 1956
  • M.A. Guidance, Manhattan College