Daniel Savoy

Department Chairperson

Associate Professor, Visual & Performing Arts

Professor Savoy (Ph.D. 2008, The Institute of Fine Arts, NYU) joined the faculty at Manhattan in 2010, after teaching at Vassar College and The City University of New York, in The Spitzer School of Architecture, City College.  He specializes in early modern Italian architecture and urbanism, and his research interests include:

- Architecture and experience: the ecological interplay between buildings, the body, and nature; modern and pre-modern psychology of perception; the senses; the perception of architectural temporality; travel and urban scenography

- Digital architectural history: the Venice Canal Project, a web-based platform that will enable researchers to study the urban experience of the canals of Venice through immersive, 360-degree videos and multimedia informational content

- The global Renaissance: the origins of Renaissance globalization; methods and thematic models of inter-cultural research; buildings as nodes of cultural exchange; the state of the field of European Renaissance art and architecture in the context of the global turn

- Methods of architectural analysis and history: the advantages and disadvantages of the canon, the grand narrative, and hierarchies of value; relational approaches to architectural agency, design, ideation, and value; methodological applications of network and systems theory


Ph.D. New York University

Courses Taught

ART 150: Roots of the Modern World: Art

ART 150: First-Year Seminar: Roots of the Modern World: Art

ART 321: Medieval Art and Architecture

ART 322: Renaissance Art and Architecture

ART 326: Baroque Art and Architecture

ART 402; URBN 301: Venice: The Architecture of a Floating City

ART 412: Senior Seminar: Theory and Methods of Art History

ART 090: Manhattan College Study Abroad, Venice, Italy: Venice and the Other

ART 090: Manhattan College Study Abroad, Florence, Italy: The Role of Geography in Early Modern Italian Urbanism

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities


    The Living Building: Architecture, Embodiment, and Nature in Early Modern Italy, in progress.

    The Globalization of Renaissance Art: A Critical Review, ed. Daniel Savoy (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2017).

    Venice from the Water: Architecture and Myth in an Early Modern City (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2012); Awarded the 2012 PROSE Award in Art History and Criticism from the Association of American Publishers; Chosen as one of the Ten Best Architecture Books of 2012 by ArchNewsNow

    Articles and Book Chapters:

    "Introduction," "Epilogue," in The Globalization of Renaissance Art: A Critical Review, ed. Daniel Savoy (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2017), 1-14, 314, 334-35.

    "Keeping the Myth Alive: Andrea Dandolo and the Preservation of Justice at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice," Artibus et Historiae, no. 71 (2015), 9-29.

    “Palladio and the Water-oriented Scenography of Venice,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, vol. 71, no. 2 (June, 2012), 204-25.

    “Le iscrizioni sulla facciata di San Michele in Isola,” Arte Veneta 65 (2008), 132-37.

    "A Ladder of Camaldolite Salvation: The Facade of San Michele in Isola," Athanor XX (2002), 33-41.


    Review of Lillian Ray Martin, “The Art and Archaeology of Venetian Ships and Boats,” Comitatus 33 (2002), 213-15.