Christina Cercone

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering


PHD, Lehigh University

MS, Manhattan College

BS, Manhattan College


Courses Taught

  • CIVG 757: Advanced Study in Civil Engineering
  • CIVL 302: Structural Analysis I
  • CIVL 312: Structural Analysis II
  • CIVL 415: Civil Engineering Projects
  • CIVL 441: Special Topics in Civil Engineering
  • CIVL 446: Tsunami Loads & Design Provisions
  • ENGS 115: Introduction to Engineering
  • ENGS 206: Statics
  • Research
    • Tsunami generated debris impact demands and site assessment procedures
    • Prediction of flow characteristics for inundation regions
    • Perforated shear connectors for composite bridge systems
    • Nondestuctive evaluation for PT bridges
  • Publications and Scholarly Activities

    Cercone, C., Naito, C., Hendricks, R., Sause, R. (2021). Composite Steel Tee Concrete Deck Bridge System: Performance of Interface Shear Connection. Journal of Bridge Engineering, 26(3).

     Naito, C., Hendricks, R., Sause, R., Cercone, C. (2021). Composite steel tee concrete deck bridge system: Design, fabrication and full-scale verification. Journal of Bridge Engineering, 26(1).v

    Cercone, C., Naito, C., Riggs, H. R., & Schellberg, R. (2017). Quantifying Structural Impact Demands Due to Tsunami-Generated Debris. In Structures Congress 2017, Denver CO, pp. 169-182.

    Naito, C., Riggs, H. R., Wei, Y., & Cercone, C. (2016). Shipping-Container Impact Assessment for Tsunamis. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering, 142(5).

    Riggs, H.R., Naito, C.J., Cercone, C., & Wei, Y. (2016). ASCE 7 structural load provisions for impact by tsunami-driven shipping containers. In Coastal Structures and Solutions to Coastal Disasters Joint Conference, Boston, MA, ASCE, 11pp.

    Naito, C., Cercone, C., Riggs, H. R., & Cox, D. (2013). Procedure for site assessment of the potential for tsunami debris impact. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering, 140(2), 223-232.

  • Honors, Awards, and Grants
    Lee, J., Volovski, M., Cercone, C., Krishnan, S., Omidvar, M., Fathi, M., "Infusing System-Level Thinking and Analytics into the Undergraduate Curriculum to Create 21st Century Civil & Environmental Engineers," Sponsored by US National Science Foundation,