Connor Bilchak

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Connor Bilchak is an assistant professor in the chemical engineering department. He is an expert in materials engineering and characterization, and brings 10 years of experience in polymer and soft materials research on multidisciplinary projects to Manhattan College. A native of upstate New York, he joined the Manhattan College faculty in 2022 after serving as a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Bilchak is a proud graduate of Manhattan College and holds a PhD from Columbia University.


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Manhattan College, 2014

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, 2019

Courses Taught


ENGS 115: Introduction to Engineering

ENGS 116: Introduction to Engineering Computation

CHML 201& CHML202: Chemical Engineering Materials Science (Lecture & Lab)

CHML453/753: Advanced Processing & Characterization Techniques

CHML460/760: Emulsion & Polymer Technologies

CHML 474/774: Additive Manufacturing: Technologies, Materials & Applications

  • Research

    Dr. Bilchaks research at Manhattan College spans many different aspects of materials engineering, and how these topics can be best conveyed to his students and the broader community. His current research interests are:

    1) Impacts of Additive Manufacturing on Chemical Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, has created opportunties to manufacture products unhindered by the restrictions of conventional means. Dr. Bilchak is investigating how Triply Periodic Minimal Surface (TPMS) structures, which can be easily fabricated using SLA-based manufacturing tools, can revolutionize the chemical manufacturing and separations industries by improving efficiency while also reducing costs. Dr. Bilchak and his research team have built a one-of-a-kind separation column as part of this work, which will also be used as a teaching tool to expose senior chemical engineering students to gas scrubbing via different tray and packing materials.

    2) Green Manufacturing in the Personal Care Industries: Formulating and manufacturing products in an environmentally responsible, sustainable manner is one of our greatest challenges in the fight to reduce pollution and combat climate change. Dr. Bilchak is interested in how these principles apply to various personal care and cosmetics products, from emulsifiers to sunscreens. Dr. Bilchak operates the consumer products and cosmetics lab, a unique facility where students can learn the principles of cosmetics manufacturing and formuations to prepare them for career pathways in industry.


  • Publications and Scholarly Activities


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