Brent Horine

Adjunct, Electrical & Computer Engineering

I have spent the majority of my career in industry, mostly small, entreprenuerial ventures. I have worked in hardware circuits, software, and systems.


PHD Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida
MSEE, University of Central Florida
BSEE, Marquette University

Courses Taught

EECE-229, EECE-232, EECE-321,EECE-326,  EECE-410/411, EECE-414/415

EECE-307, EECE-311, ECEG-521, ECEG-721, ECEG-727

  • Research
    • High efficiency, wideband RF power amplifier design and linearization
    • Signal processing for 4G/5G waveforms
    • Cognitive radio networks
    • Multi-agent systems
    • Wildlife monitoring