Bahman Litkouhi

Graduate Director of Mechanical Eng Graduate

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Interests: Computational heat transfer, inverse problems in heat transfer, thermal and moisture management of auto-lamps, bioengineering modeling, electronic cooling

Teaching interests: Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Thermal/Fluid System Design, Numerical Methods


  • PHD, Michigan State University
  • MS, Michigan State University

Courses Taught

ENGG 682      Applied Heat Transfer
ENGS 205      Introductory Thermodynamics
MECG 748      Thesis in Mechanical Engineering
MECH 325      Abroad:Lyon Fra/Heat Transfer
MECH 325      Heat Transfer
MECH 401      Mechancial Engineering Design I
MECH 402      Mechanical Engineering Design II
MECH 422      Thermal/Fluids System Design

  • Publications and Scholarly Activities
    • Introductory Freshman Engineering Courses at Manhattan College, Litkouhi B., Pritchard, P.J., and Walker, G., Proceedings of International Conference on First Year Experience, Dublin, Ireland, August 1998.
    • A SEM Solution for Radioactive Heat Exchange Between Conductive Bodies, Litkouhi B. And Naraghi, M.H.N., ASME paper 93-HT-38, 1993
    • Heat Conduction Solution Using Green's Functions, Beck, J.V., Cole, K.D., Hagi-Sheikh, A., and Litkouhi, B., Hemisphere Publishing Corp., 1992.
    • Use of First and Higher Order Influence Functions in the Duhamel's Integral Solution of the Inverse Heat Conduction Problem, Litkouhi B. And Naraghi, M.H.N., IMSE Conference Proceedings, Hemisphere Publishing Corp., 1991.
    • Multinode Unsteady Surface Element Method Applied to Mixed Boundary Conditions with Accuracy Study, Litkouhi B., Beck J.V., and Naraghi, M.H.N., Journal of Thermophysics and heat Transfer, Vol. 3, 1989.
    • Discrete Exchange Factor Solution of radioactive Heat Transfer in Three-Dimensional Enclosures, Naraghi, M.H.N. and Litkouhi, B., ASME Publication HTD-Vol. 106, 1989.
  • Other
    • Director, Freshman Engineering Program, 1996-present.
    • Chair and Graduate Program Director, Mechanical Engineering Dept., 1985 -87
    • Technical Assessment Advisor, Small Business Development Center, MC, NY, 1992 - 94
    • Consulting, Ford Motor Co.,” thermal & moisture management of auto lamps," 1991 - pres.