Br. Augustine Nicoletti

Adjunct, Education

Br. Augustine was born in Brooklyn, New York. He lived in Queens and Vineland, NJ during his childhood. Before coming to Manhattan in 2004, Br. Augustine served as associate dean at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota (2001-04) where he also taught education courses. Prior to that, he was principal at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, NY (1999-2001) and associate principal for student affairs at Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, NJ (1996-99). He also served as director of guidance at CBA Lincroft from 1994-96. From 1992-94, Br. Augustine served as campus minister and teacher at Seton-La Salle High School and director of counseling services at St. John’s College High School in Washington, D.C. (1988-91). From 1984-88, he was involved in food sales and marketing in the Philadelphia area. Br. Augustine has also taught at many New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania high schools throughout his career. He was awarded the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award at Seton- Lasalle High School in 1993 and a Top Educator Award from the University of Pittsburgh.


  • MS, West Chester University
  • MA, Duquesne University
  • EDD, St. Mary's University
  • DMIN, San Francisco Theological
  • BA, Syracuse University

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 201      Principles and Practices of Education
  • EDUC 202      Psychology of Education
  • EDUC 349      Supervised Research
  • EDUC 376      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English Grades 7-12
  • EDUC 377      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Social Studies Grades 7-12
  • EDUC 378      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Mathematics Grades 7-12
  • EDUC 379      Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Foreign Language Grades 7-12
  • EDUC 400      Special Topics
  • EDUC 406      Human Relations in the Educational Process
  • EDUC 408      Management of Behavior and Learning for At-Risk and Disabled
  • EDUC 444      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Special Education
  • EDUC 446      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Special Education, Grades 4-6
  • EDUC 453      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching Grades 7-9
  • EDUC 454      Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching Grades 10-12