After Graduation

Career Development & Success

Preparation for the real world begins freshman year with career planning and development resources, often followed by an internship in New York City. To gain a deeper, behind-the-scenes understanding of a specific career, students who apply to the mentor program are paired with professionals in their chosen field, generally Manhattan College alumni. This natural learning process, coupled with co-curricular activities and classes taught by passionate faculty, produces students who are ready for the working world by the time they graduate. On average, 90% of Manhattan alumni are either employed or attending graduate school within a year of graduation.

With New York City at their disposal, Manhattan graduates have landed jobs at leading regional, national and international companies. The College prepares its graduates not only for successful careers, but also for further learning opportunities in the nation’s most competitive graduate programs and service opportunities. 

In a time when higher education requires a careful investment, Manhattan College promises success well beyond the classroom. 

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