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Reactivate Admission

Welcome back!

We are glad that you have made the decision to reconsider Manhattan College as the institution to continue your undergraduate studies.  

Students that have maintained a minimum college grade point average of 2.5 have the opportunity to reactivate their initial acceptance for up to two academic years. We also guarantee that your initial financial aid award package will be honored or enhanced, and that campus housing is still guaranteed for all that are interested in residing on campus.

Because we have retained much of your academic information on file, the admission process will be expedited to give you ample time to discuss any final questions or concerns. Rather than submitting the Common Application, Coalition Application, or the Manhattan College paper application, we encourage you to complete the simplified application (provided below) to reactivate your file right away. The application fee will be waived. 

To initially process your admission reactivation, we will only require that you provide us with a copy of the college transcript for any school attended and the completed application.  If it is your first semester at an institution, please provide us with a list of classes for which you are currently enrolled. You will receive a formal notification of acceptance within two to three weeks of submitting your information.

Submit Reactivation Request