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IELP Diagnostic Exam

The diagnostic examination is a holistic examination of English, which covers Grammar, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The examination takes approximately 85 minutes.

Using the link provided, you can take the examination on a web browser. Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended browsers.

**The examination link:

Before the Exam:

You will need:

  • A computer with reliable Internet access
  • A quiet place
  • Headphones that can connect to the computer
  • A microphone on the computer
  • A computer camera
  • Note paper and pen/pencil
  • 85 minutes (you cannot stop the exam and start it again)

If the electrical power turns off, please contact the IELP: to receive instructions

You cannot use:

  • Help from another person
  • The Internet to assist you with answers
  • Your phone or another device to help you with answers
  • A book to help you with answers

IMPORTANT: As you may be taking this examination outside of the College, the honor code will be utilized. Please note (read carefully): If your diagnostic score is not consistent with your level of English once you arrive on campus, the IELP reserves the right to change your level within the Program! If the IELP staff assesses that you scored higher (or lower) than your actual English level, you can be moved

Go through the Technical Checklist at the start of the Exam. Follow the instructions: 

  • Can you hear the audio? Answer as appropriate.
  • Does the test have a speaking section? YES
    • Allow Microphone
    • Test Microphone
  • Does the test require a camera? YES
    • The camera should be working

Make sure you complete the information at the start of the exam! Your score may not be valid unless you do.

Start the Exam – There are five sections in the exam:

Grammar: 25 questions
  • Hint: Read the instructions carefully!
Listening: Three listening sections
  • Be prepared to take notes!
  • Part 1: Short conversation
  • Part 2: Longer conversation
  • Part 3: Lecture (You will definitely need notes for Sections 2 and 3!)
Reading: 20 minutes
  • Part 1: Short passage
  • Part 2: Longer passage
  • Part 1: Short note (50-75 words)
  • Part 2: Longer essay (175-225 words)


  • Be prepared to take notes!
  • Part 1: You will see the question prompt
  • Part 2: You will not see the question prompt

Exam Scoring

The score that you see at the end of the diagnostic examination is not official! You will receive an official score (with accordant IELP level) from the IELP at a later time.

Again: If your score is far higher or far lower than it is deemed to be once you arrive on campus, the IELP reserves the right to adjust your level accordingly! Do not cheat! 

**The examination link:

Should you have any problems accessing the exam or questions about this exam, please email