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News and Events

  • A Letter from the Director: Andrew Skotnicki, Ph.D.

    skotnicki.jpegWelcome to E3MC!

    We are delighted that you are visiting our website where we hope to show you the positive work we have done in the jails of New York City, Westchester County, and here on the Manhattan College campus.

    The Manhattan College community, beginning with our president and provost, and extending to our faculty, staff, and students, have provided dozens of formerly incarcerated and imprisoned men and women with an academic home and a gracious support community.

    Our faculty have gone out their way to educate and guide our returning citizens with a special attentiveness and care. I am especially grateful to Dr. Brian Chalk, our co-director, who will teach his fourth class at the jail in the Spring of 2022. Sincere appreciation is due to our campus offices: admissions, bursar, financial aid, health services, and registrar which have helped facilitate the difficult transition from a jail cell and, often, a challenging socio-economic environment, to the classroom. Our staff, especially our academic advisors, Dianna Cruz, Angie Thrapsimis, and Rhonda Shuler; our E3MC tutor, Ashley Lawton; and Elizabeth Stenson, the dedicated and tireless coordinator of our program, have mentored, challenged, and shown patience and persistent kindness to men and women who have often lacked any significant demonstration of compassion from our basic social institutions.

    We are inviting you to support our work in any way you can: by volunteering, by going out of your way to meet and encourage those impacted by the penal system, and by sharing your financial resources with us. As we enter our tenth year of service, we have been able, with the commitment of our college leadership, to offer a cost-free education to those who often lack the resources for travel to the college, let alone to buy books and pay tuition. In this challenging economic time, our operational budget is in dire need of your kind support.

    We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


    Sending you every warm wish and blessing,

    Andrew Skotnicki

    Founder and Director, E3MC