Zhuhai, China

Illustration of ideation processTravel together to Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou with Professor Ting Bell and William McGrath! Learn more of China's religious history and develop your Chinese language skills as you travel throughout the beautiful countryside and major cities of China.

Questions? Please contact us:

Professor Ting Bell (tbell01@manhattan.edu)

Professor Bill McGrath (wmcgrath01@manhattan.edu) 

Dates Offered

  • Summer 2019: May 27th - June 17th

Courses & Credits

  • Immersion Chinese Language and Culture (MLL 095, all Mandarin levels offered), 3 credits. Fulfills Chinese language and Chinese minor requirements
  • Religions of China and East Asia (RELS 357, in English), 3 credits. Fulfills Religion and International Studies requirements