Participation Criteria

Participation Criteria

Planning plays a big part in making your academic experience abroad successful. Whether you have decided on a major or not, start planning in your freshman year.

Planning for Study Abroad

  • Before applying to a study abroad program, identify your reasons for wanting to study abroad.
  • Check if you have basic qualifications to apply. The Study Abroad program is open to students who have a general cumulative GPA of 2.75 (some programs require 3.0 or above).
  • The majority of students spend a semester or a year abroad during their junior year. In some cases, students can study during their second semester sophomore year or first semester senior year. Students should try to take most of the required courses for your major prior to studying abroad since some Manhattan College major programs require that most (if not all) of their courses be taken on campus. The more elective courses kept open, the greater the flexibility in choosing appropriate programs and courses abroad.
  • Set up an appointment to meet with the study abroad advisor to identify specific study abroad programs that meet your needs and interests.
  • See the academic advisor in the school in which you are enrolled, as well as your departmental major/minor advisor. Their approval of your plans is essential. Discuss the options available, what you want to do, where, for how long, and how your plans fit in the overall degree program you are pursuing.
  • Speak to students who have participated in study abroad programs. The study abroad advisor will provide their names and addresses. Re-entry meetings are generally held each semester offering information and the opportunity to meet returning students.
  • Check all the facts about credits. Get approval for credit transfer in writing (form A) from your department chairperson, academic advisor and major/minor advisor.
  • Students are required to consult with the Student Financial Services office for specifics on their study abroad financial package. Many programs offer their own financial aid or scholarships. Information on this may be found on the program's website or in their brochure.

In order to get credit for study abroad:

  • All courses must be approved in advance by your major/minor advisors, the chairperson of the department of your major/minor and the academic advisor of your school.
  • You must earn a C or better in each course except where the major department requires a higher grade.
  • You must carry a full course load (minimum 12 credits).
  • You will not receive credit for courses that duplicate material studied at Manhattan College