Application Process

You may apply to more than one program; however, please note that each program might have different requirements. Be sure to comply with the requirements of the program you select.

Once you have decided upon the program(s) you wish to apply to, the following steps need to be completed:

  • Meet with the study abroad advisor to finalize your study abroad program and ensure that you meet the criteria to study abroad.
  • Complete a preliminary application form and submit it to the Study Abroad office.
  • Write an essay (most programs require one). In your application essay you should detail the reasons for your decision to study abroad as well as what you hope to gain from the program you have chosen to participate in. Remember that your essay is the first impression the program directors will have of you. You should therefore put a great deal of care in writing it.
  • Pick up a study abroad booklet of information and in-house forms.
  • Apply early, don't wait until the last moment. Late applications are considered only on a space-available basis. The earlier you apply, the greater the chance you will be accepted.
  • Return the completed application form from the program of your choice and the necessary Manhattan College forms to the study abroad advisor prior to mailing them. Copies will be made and kept on file in the Study Abroad office.
  • Be sure to begin the passport and visa (if needed) application process as soon as you decide to study abroad. It is a lengthy process and takes weeks to obtain these documents.

Application Checklist

  • Meet with the study abroad advisor and your academic advisor as soon as your interest is sparked.
  • Fill out the preliminary questionnaire.
  • Select the country you wish to study in and the program you wish to study through.
  • Begin the application process for your passport and visa (if needed).
  • All
    students studying abroad must complete a one-page essay for Manhattan
    College. If the application for your program abroad also requires any
    essay, you may use the same essay and format. This essay begins the
    process for scholarship opportunities.
  • Select the courses you
    wish to take through the program you’ve selected. Then finalize your
    course selections and get approval from your major/minor advisor and
    your academic advisor. Be sure to select at least two alternate courses.
  •  At
    the same time, discuss with your advisors your schedule for the
    semester when you return from studying abroad. You are responsible for
    registering while you are abroad.
  • Complete form B. This form needs to be signed by a representative from Student Financial Services, Dean of Students and Residence Life.
  • Drop off the transcript request form to the Registrar’s office. They will forward an official transcript to the Study Abroad office.
  • Upon completion of your application form, form A and form B, read and sign the consent form, the release form and the standard of conduct form.
  • When
    all the above paperwork is complete and ready to be mailed, submit them
    to the study abroad advisor. She will review them and make copies for
    you and the study abroad office before mailing them to the program of
    your choice.
  • Upon acceptance to the program, bring a copy of
    your acceptance letter to the study abroad advisor. You will then be
    placed on the accepted students studying abroad list.
  • Before
    leaving your study abroad program, be sure to fill out the request to
    have an official transcript mailed to the study abroad advisor at
    Manhattan College.

Upon Acceptance

  • Once accepted into the study abroad program of your choice, please notify the study abroad advisor.
  • Bring or send her a copy of your acceptance letter.
  • Consult the travel tips site for additional information on insurance, cell phones, currency, etc.