The School of Science has a reputation for faculty who regularly publish in highly respected professional journals and present their research at conferences around the country. This reputation has also enabled the school to receive major grant funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and NASA, through the NASA/New York Space Grant Consortium. Students and professors can be seen together working on research and other projects outside of the classroom, and students who work with professors on this research often have the opportunity to publish as co-authors and present at conferences alongside their professors. Small class sizes give students the opportunity to build strong relationships with faculty that last well beyond graduation.

Full-Time Faculty


Leo Alves
Gerardo Carfagno
Lance Evans
Michael Judge
Quentin Machingo
Ghislaine Mayer
Bruce Shockey

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Joseph Capitani
Jianwei Fan
Yelda Hangun-Balkir
Gary Kolks
James McCullagh
John Regan
Suzanne Rudnick
Alexander Santulli
John Wasacz
Bryan Wilkins

Computer Science

Ankur Agrawal
Igor Aizenberg
Kashifuddin Qazi
Tina Tian


Marvin Bishop
Mark DeBonis
Rosemary Farley
Ira Gerhardt
Richard Goldstone
Andrew Greene
Sr. Joan Harnett
Carol Hurwitz
Matthew Jura
Janet McShane
Angel Pineda
Thomas Smith
Robert Suzzi Valli
Patrice Tiffany
Helene Tyler
Lawrence Udeigwe
Kathryn Weld


Edward Brown
Sezar Fesjian
Rostislav Konoplich
Veronique Lankar
Bruce Liby
Lubna Tumeh