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Message from the Dean

Welcome to Manhattan College. Together with the faculty and staff of the School of Science I am excited to help you prepare for a successful career in this demanding and challenging new century.

Constantine Theodosiou

The School of Science, along with Arts, was established in 1853. Since then we have helped thousands of bright, articulate and passionate students just like you find their true calling in the scientific field. Whether you will seek immediate employment upon graduation or entry into a prestigious graduate program, you will find Manhattan College to be the perfect preparation for your life as a science professional.

Our science majors benefit enormously from small class sizes and a close working relationship with our dedicated faculty. All our students are expected to have a research experience before they graduate from the school of science at Manhattan; the results of this research are often presented at professional meetings and could be published in research journals.

Over the coming years, attracting talented students from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and involving them in academic research while at Manhattan College will be an important priority for the school of science, and for me personally. We believe, just as Saint John Baptist de La Salle did, that everyone is entitled to a rich and rigorous education, and we strive to provide it to our students.

You are welcome here at Manhattan College.

—Constantine Theodosiou, Ph.D.

About the Dean

Constantine E. Theodosiou, Ph.D. joined Manhattan College in July 2011. He most recently served as vice provost for research, dean of the graduate school and professor of physics at Montclair State University, where he supervised all aspects of graduate education and the grant proposal process for research projects. Dean Theodosiou helped the graduate school implement an electronic graduate admission application process, and also integrated an electronic grant proposal submission system in the office of research.

Before Montclair State University, Dean Theodosiou spent 28 years working for the University of Toledo, most recently as interim dean of the college of graduate studies in 2007–08. He also served as the associate dean for the natural sciences and mathematics in the college of arts and sciences, interim director of the Plant Science Research Center, interim director of the Lake Erie Research Center, acting chair and associate chair of physics and astronomy, director of graduate studies, and professor of physics. He also worked at Drexel University and the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Greece.

Dean Theodosiou is also a teacher and a scholar: he has prepared and taught 36 different courses and has conducted scientific research on a broad range of topics, including atomic structure and spectroscopy, electronic and atomic collisions, quantum optics and multi-photon processes, and low-temperature plasma processes. His research has been published in more than 70 journal and book articles. Other academic distinctions include: Fulbright Research Scholar at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Visiting Fellow for the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics at the University of Colorado, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the University of Freiburg in Germany, research associate at Johns Hopkins University, research assistant at the University of Chicago, and research fellow at the Nuclear Research Center Democritos in Greece.

Dean Theodosiou graduated from the University of Chicago with a doctorate in atomic physics in 1977 and a master’s degree in physics in 1973. He holds a physics and mathematics diploma from the National University of Greece.

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