Computer Science

Program Overview

The Computer Science degree combines the breadth of a liberal arts education with depth in all aspects of computer science. The program includes programming in Python, object-oriented programming, beginning with C++ then Java, computer organization, systems programming with Linux, operating systems, database, computer organization, and software engineering; plus electives in artificial intelligence, multimedia, scientific computing, computer graphics and web programming.

Computer Science prepares students for work in a number of computer-related fields and provides the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary minor. The department offers both a B.S. and a B.A. in Computer Science.

Students are encouraged to participate in programming contests such as the international ACM Collegiate programming contest, and summer programs such as Google Summer of Code or research programs held at off-campus locations. With a faculty sponsor, a student may apply for support for an on-campus research project during the summer. Students are encouraged to present projects at the Spuyten Duyvil Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, founded in 2005 by the Manhattan College mathematics department.

There are two other computer-related programs at Manhattan College:

  1. Computer Engineering (offered in the School of Engineering) combines aspects of electrical engineering and computer science to emphasize the interface between hardware and software.
  2. Computer Information Systems (offered in the School of Business) focuses on using computers to achieve business goals.

Students who want a broad, interdisciplinary education should study computer science; students who want to focus on engineering should study computer engineering; while students looking for a background in business should pursue computer information systems.