Requirements & Courses

Degree Requirements

The Biology program offers two degree options: a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts. All students in the School of Science complete the arts core courses in addition to the major requirements.

Bachelor of Science

The B.S. degree prepares students for graduate school and professional careers; it offers groups of courses in several areas of study that contribute toward reaching a specific career objective. These areas of study include pre-medical/dental, pre-professional, research, environmental biology, education, general studies in biology and pre-physical therapy.

Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. program does not prepare students for graduate studies unless other prerequisites are met. With the 22 credits of free electives, B.A. students are urged to obtain formal minors or concentrate in any of various humanities, social science or business disciplines. The program is intended to help students obtain employment in medical and pharmaceutical sales, medical writing, careers in public health and safety, and the insurance industry as it relates to health care.


See the course catalog for a list of course descriptions: