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Summer Programs

Enjoy summer in NYC with Manhattan College's non-credit programs. Offerings include a summer camp for children, and learning opportunities for adults. Throughout the summer, images captured throughout the duration of our programs will be posted on Facebook

Summer Camp

  • Manhattan College Summer Day Camp

    The Manhattan College Summer Day Camp is a great academic program for children ages 6-12 that engages their interests and creativity. The program runs from Monday, June 24th to Friday, August 16th; 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • STEM Robotics and Aeronautics Camp

    Our one week camp offers an experience to engulf participants with a hands-on introduction to various robotics and aeronautics concepts while having FUN!! 

Summer Courses

  • Digital Photography

    The Digital Photography course focuses on the creation of conceptually oriented digital prints through the usage of Photoshop, color management, and ink jet printing. Includes instruction in software and professional-grade printers that facilitate the creation of digital prints. 
  • Digital Drawing

    The Digital Drawing course explores the drawing analysis and exploration of basic drawing techniques. Students will be introduced to a variety of drawing media and work with visual elements of line, shape, space, value, and texture in the creation of drawings.
  • NYC Broadway Performing Arts & Production

    The performing arts program integrates master classes and discussions with professional Broadway artists and staff in a number of performing arts aspects with visits to significant performance locations and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to enjoy classic Broadway shows.
  • New York City Photo-Lab

    New York City Photo-Lab is an experiential class that invites participants to develop and refine their visual composition skills, expands their sense of light, and improves their photographic practice.
  • The New York City Museum Excursion

    This program will provide an enjoyable and educational collection of historical, scientific, artistic and cultural field trips. 
  • TESOL Teacher Practicum

    This three week program provides aspiring teachers the opportunity to utilize their skills in New York City, and practice alongside experienced teachers with master's degrees in TESOL and ESL.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)/Specialty Programs

    These courses will help you combine English modalities and photography abilities, so that your digital portfolio can be seen throughout the world.