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Understanding IRS Form 990 Series


In collaboration with the Center for Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial Management.

This intensive three-week course covers Form 990 series returns that are complex, little understood, confusing, or prepared incorrectly. The instructor will share his 30 years of experience preparing these returns.

This course is ideal for:

  • CPAs
  • Return Preparers
  • CFOs
  • Controllers & Accounting Managers
  • Accounting Supervisors
  • Bookkeepers & Consultants
  • Readers & Users of 990s

Program Outline

  • Timely return submission and avoiding penalties
  • Avoiding inconsistent answers
  • Answers to confusing returns questions
  • Demystifying compensation disclosure amounts
  • Differences between the audit report and return
  • Proper reporting of donations (cash/noncash)
  • Excess contributions for the public support test
  • Understanding required schedules from A to R
  • Relationship between 990 and state reporting
  • Calculating UBIT on advertising activity
  • Tips to avoid being audited by the IRS

Instructor: Laurence Scot, MBA, CPA

Program Dates

This program is only offered to institutions with a minimum of 12 participants. To schedule the program, email 

Participants must have a laptop, a PC, or an iPad with a stable internet connection to connect to the class.



Includes: Certificate of attendance and class materials