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Not-For-Profit Financial Management and Reporting

In collaboration with the Center for Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial Management.

This 8-session certificate program provides training in nonprofit financial accounting and management concepts and principles and the many reporting requirements for individuals who work in or with nonprofit organizations. The program covers a wide range of nonprofit accounting, financial and regulatory concepts specific to nonprofit organizations' operations.

Upon completion of this program, participants will learn:

  • NFP (nonprofit) formation and applying for tax exemption
  • Unique characteristics and terminology of nonprofit organizations
  • Board fiduciary responsibilities and compliance with NP revitalization act
  • Accounting system and control environment
  • How to classify and record grants and restricted contributions 
  • How to read and understand nonprofit financial statements and form 990
  • Proper and effective budgeting techniques
  • Handling a financial, regulatory, or compliance audit

Program Outline:

  • Nonprofit formation and applying for tax exemption
  • Nonprofit accounting systems and control environment
  • Budget development
  • Nonprofit financial management and board responsibilities
  • Nonprofit GAAP and Key elements of nonprofit financial statements
  • Recently approved changes to nonprofit GAAP by FASB
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Classification
  • Annual Returns (990, CHAR500, etc.)
  • Financial, Government, and Regulatory Audits

Program Dates (online):

This program is offered to a minimum group of 12.

Instructor: Laurence Scot, MBA, CPA

You must have a laptop, PC, or Ipad and a stable internet connection to connect to the class.


For more information and group rates, email 

Includes: Certificate of attendance and all class materials