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Manhattan College Summer Day Camp

The Manhattan College Summer Day Camp offers a truly unique experience, combining the vast resources of a higher education institution with learning-based activities that will keep your child engaged all day!

The camp is on the beautiful Manhattan College campus, conveniently located in New York City. Campers will have complete access to Manhattan College, including our classrooms, computer labs, and a five-story library. The program runs weekly from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The camp serves children between the ages of 5 to 10 years old.

Registration for the 2024 summer is open. Click this link to join one of our upcoming information sessions to learn more about each program.

This program offers fun learning activities to help young learners develop essential skills, discover new hobbies, and make long-lasting friendships. Children expand their creativity through art, math, science, technology, and learn several important critical thinking skills.

For information, send an email to

Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 


My children participated in the STEM program at Manhattan, and had a great time! Not only did they participate in academic activities, but they also had a wonderful time having fun and making new friendships. [Activity teachers] were hardworking, nurturing and treated each child as an individual and not a "number". My children will definitely be back next summer! 

Lucy Ortega, MC Class of 2002

This was our son's first camp experience and Manhattan College made it amazing. He felt immediately welcomed and was excited to go every single day. I am truly grateful for all their hard work and dedication! We look forward to making this a summer tradition

Solciris A. Dominguez

Our daughter loved her experience and has discovered a love for robotics and deepened her love for engineering. As she embarks on to 2nd grade, we feel like her mind was expanded by all the learning and fun she had at your camp. We will look forward to joining next year’s camp

Valentina and Karl
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    What does a typical day look like?

    Campers learn, and they have fun doing it. They learn teamwork skills and build self-esteem through daily activities. 

    On a typical day, campers learn about plants during the science section of the day. They would explore our green campus to find some plants they learned about during science. Discussing how many plants they found will be part of their math sessions for younger kids. Older kids will do more complicated math activities that can be used in real-life situations.  

    We have many fun activities to inspire your child to learn. Older kids will love to use ozobot/sphero coding to engage in creative challenges.

    How is Manhattan College Summer Day Camp different from other traditional camps?

    Although our camp is 100% educational, our program does not aim to be a summer school for children. Our activity leaders and camp counselors designed our activities to help campers learn new things they normally don’t get in the school year. Our program allows kids the freedom to pursue their passion, creativity, and interests, thus engaging in a long-lasting and meaningful learning experience.

    How much does the camp cost?

    We have a tiered pricing model where the more weeks you register, the less it costs. We also provide promotions, discounts, and early-bird specials. We accept major credit and debit cards.

    Does the camp offer financial aid?

    Our camp offers several options to support parents with their financial situations. Please get in touch with us to discuss your financial case.  

    Is my child ready for camp?

    As parents, we are unsure if our children are ready for camp; however, some behaviors could be observed. These are a) my child is curious about learning new things, b) my child is interested or trying to communicate and interact with other children, and c) my child is more independent at doing things.
    Parents can register their children for one week and discuss their interaction with our summer camp staff. The campers can add more weeks to their experience if all seems good. 

    Where is the MC summer day camp located?

    We are located in Riverdale, west of Van Cortlandt Park. Our camp is conveniently located one and a half blocks away from the NYC subway (#1 train at 242nd Street) and close to several major highways. All children will stay on campus. 

    Can we visit the camp before signing up?

    We are not running in-person camp visits. Please join our virtual meetings to learn more about our camp. You can find our link to register for our online information sessions at the beginning of the camp website.

    What is security and safety like at camp?

    Security and safety are our top priorities in camp. All children will be accompanied by our camp counselors at all times, including at drop-off and pick-up times. 

    Will my children feel left out if they are only in camp for a few weeks?

    No way! New children enter camp throughout the summer. At the beginning of each week, special activities and icebreakers will revamp the group dynamics. 

    Does my child have to stay for the whole day?

    Pick-up and drop-off times are entirely flexible. Parents can drop off their children later or pick them up earlier if concerned about the day's length. If a child seems exhausted, their guardian will be contacted to pick them up.

    What should my child wear to camp?

    Campers must wear Manhattan College Summer Camp t-shirts every day. Camp shirts can be purchased for $10 each. Campers should wear comfortable shoes. Sneakers are highly recommended—no flip-flops or Crocs. 

    Who makes up the camp staff?

    Our camp staff comprises professionals with experience in education; some are currently studying education majors. Our team holds CPR and First Aid certifications. All of our camp activity tutors are at least 18 years old.

    What is the staff-to-child ratio?

    Our camper-to-staff ratio is 10:1.

    Can children with allergies attend this camp?

    Our camp is peanut and tree-nut-free.

    Does the camp offer field trips?

    All the activities and classes will be on campus. Our field trips are to the Manhattan College organic garden inside our big campus. Campers will not leave the campus (which is large enough to have lots of fun during the day)

    How do you handle the summer heat at camp?

    We balance our activities with indoor and outdoor time. All of our classrooms have air conditioning units and water fountains easily accessible. We ask parents to send their children with protective sunscreen.

    Can I cancel my child’s registration?

    The registration fee is non-refundable. For cancelation policies, please review our registration form. 

    Does the camp provide lunch and snacks?

    Parents and guardians are responsible for giving their children a cold lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle. We will fill up the water bottle during the day.

    Do campers need to bring anything else with them to camp?

    Each camper will receive a list of items they should bring in a backpack. The list of items will be used for arts and crafts, science, and other activities.

    Do you provide housing for international families interested in your camp?

    Yes, we do. We provide homestay (minimum of four-week stay) and pair up families with American hosts while their children attend our day camp. Sometimes, we also place the families in hotels or college dorm-style housing if available. 

    Where do I make my payments?

    Use this link to pay for tuition, registration fees, t-shirts, add-on pick-up, and drop-off time.

Activity Descriptions:


Children will participate in different arts activities that they aren’t necessarily exposed to in school. Children will create several projects and be exposed to new art forms such as graphic design, drawing, painting, photo editing, and various mediums that students are already familiar with.


Children will be introduced to the primary topics of science through engaging activities and hands-on experiments. Our science activities will develop a child’s scientific thinking and point of view.


Children will expand their skills in computer applications that will prepare them for the rapid advancements in technology. Campers will enjoy playing and learning coding with Ozobot and Sphero. These activities will help increase your child’s understanding of technology from the past to the modern-day through exciting interactive projects.


Children are exposed to math activities to understand related math concepts better. Children will foster their reasoning and problem-solving skills through fun and creative activities.


Children will prepare scenes or entire stories, based on their age range, once a week. Campers will present a short performance every Friday in collaboration with their peers through fun activities. Children will participate in assistant directors, props, effects, actors, actresses, dancers, and similar positions. 

Program Dates in 2024:

Week 1: July 1 - 5 (no session on July 4 - observed) 
Week 2: July 8 - 12 
Week 3: July 15 - 19 
Week 4: July 22 - 26 
Week 5: July 29 - August 2 
Week 6: August 5 - 8 (no session on Friday, August 9) 

9:30am - 4:30pm

After 5:00 pm, campers who remain at Manhattan College will be charged an additional $10 for every fifteen minutes after (the latest pick-up is 5:30 pm). Parents that need to drop off campers before 9:00 am will be charged an additional fee of $10 for every fifteen minutes earlier (the earliest drop-off is 8:30 am)


Parents must provide a cold lunch and two snacks in a sealed lunch box daily.


$100 Non-refundable registration fee (this fee cannot be added to weekly or other payments). Must be paid when registration is submitted at

Use this link to make any other future payments regarding this camp (t-shirts, tuition, add-on pick-up & drop-off time).

7-8 WEEKS= $496.00 PER WEEK

4-6 WEEKS= $546.00 PER WEEK

1-3 WEEKS= $596.00 PER WEEK

Super Early Bird Special before December 20, 2023, $446/week, independently of the number of weeks.

Camp t-shirts $10/ea. (required every day)

Available Discounts (discounts or special rates cannot be combined with other discounts):

Manhattan College Employees/Alumni - $20 Discount per week (cannot be combined with other discounts)

Second/Third Sibling Camper Enrolled - $20 Discount per week (cannot be combined with other discounts)

*You can register for one or more weeks as long as they are available.


International campers accompanied by an adult are welcomed.

We provide homestay housing for at least four consecutive weeks while your child participates in our camp if needed. One adult and one child per week are $1,200, and breakfast is included.

Please contact us if your family is larger for customized pricing.

You and your child are placed with an American host family, who will welcome you to their home. The location of the host home is a couple of bus/train stops from Manhattan College.

For international participants who require a visa to enter the U.S., you must have a valid B2 (tourist visa) to participate (we do not sponsor visas for this program).

If you have any questions (please check our FAQ section), please email;, and

Manhattan College Summer Day Camp: Where Kids Can Learn in a College Setting