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Test Preparation Courses

In collaboration withPrinceton Review

Click on a category below to view the complete course descriptions. 

  • LSAT Ultimate

    Learn proven test-taking strategies from top-scoring LSAT experts and get personalized online tools immediately upon enrollment to help you get a better score.

  • LSAT Fundamentals

    Work with a top-scoring instructor and reinforce what you learn at home with online tools, immediately accessible upon enrollment. 

  • MCAT Ultimate

    There’s no such thing as being too prepared for the MCAT. Super-skilled teaching and a major arsenal of freestanding and passage-based questions empower you every step of the way. Available in person and online. Immediate access to online tools upon enrollment.

  • MCAT Strategy

    Knowing the content is vital, but knowing the MCAT traps is how elite MCAT scorers set themselves apart. This course will focus on making sure you know all the type of MCAT questions you will encounter.

  • GRE Ultimate

    All the benefits of our online course, plus an expert instructor who will guide your prep and help you develop a strategic approach to test day. Available in person and online.

  • GMAT Ultimate

    GMAT Ultimate—our most comprehensive prep. Our proven test-taking strategies and personalized online tools will help you get a better score.

  • DAT Ultimate

    Attend scheduled sessions led by a Princeton Review teacher in our online classroom. Master the DAT with 72 hours of prep,including 55 hours of LiveOnline instruction and 17 hours of testing practice with 4 full-length,computer-based practice tests.