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MCAT Strategy

Knowing the content is vital, but knowing the MCAT traps is how elite MCAT scorers set themselves apart. This course will focus on making sure you:

  • Know all the type of MCAT questions you will encounter
  • Know all the type of traps each type of question tests 
  • Learn how to apply the proper content knowledge efficiently on exam day

We can create significant efficient improvement more efficiently than any other course because it focuses on proven MCAT-taking skills used by our top scorers.


Virtual LiveOnline Classroom

11 Princeton Review MCAT Books

  • 4 Titles exclusive to our students
  • 7 subject-specific MCAT review books

MedFlix Access

  • 500+ expertly crafted, on-demand videos covering all the MCAT content you need

Extensive Amount of Practice

  • Thousands of free-standing & passage-based questions, each with detailed questions

  • 15 full-length online practice tests, includes ALL released AAMC material

  • 4-6 Expert Subject Matter Experts will teach you how to break down each section

    For more information send an email to


Save $650 off the regular price!

Retail Price: $2,299
Manhattan College Price: $1,649

*This voucher grants you access to The Princeton Review’s LiveOnline MCAT Strategy

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