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Certificate in Nonprofit Selling

Selling skills for Non-Profit Executives to meet today’s challenges

This blended learning certificate program helps professionals develop the skills and strategies needed to increase efficiency in achieving their goals in fundraising and enhancing their communications and relationships with donors.

The constant changing financial environment continues to challenge nonprofit professionals, such as Executive Directors, Directors of Development/Resource Mobilization, and Program Directors to achieve their goals. These challenges mostly are securing resources to continue providing the services highly needed in their served communities. While working with their current Board members, or identifying new potential opportunities, the ASKING approach can make a positive difference in the final outcome.

It is well known in the nonprofit community that fundraising and diversity of unrestricted funds are the key to a healthy financial organization. In today’s environment, corporate professionals often transition from their institutions into the nonprofit sector, bringing skills that with the right vision, could be well implemented in a nonprofit environment to support fundraising and other areas.

This program incorporates strategies and tools that boost the current nonprofit fundraising and alternative financing ASKING techniques.

Who is this program designed for  

  • Nonprofit Executives looking to strengthen their selling and fundraising skills
  • Individuals looking to expand their sales and negotiation skills
  • Senior staff looking to improve their communication techniques with Board Members and other donors


  • Assists nonprofit executives in developing the selling skills necessary for their roles in leading nonprofit organizations.
  • Develop sales & service skills and strategies to run a successful nonprofit  
  • Incorporate sales techniques to operate in today’s competitive nonprofit environment
  • Polish fundraising skills

Key Features of the Curriculum Include   

  • Interactive classroom workshops
  • What is my selling style “self assessment”
  • Webinars
  • Selling Skills Assessment Center & Feedback
  • Customized Individual Sales Development Plan
  • Expert Individualized Sales Coaching and Support
  • E-Module
  • Video Content
  • Real-world case studies


In order to receive the Certificate, the candidate must take the following modules:

  1. Maximizing Sales through Consultative Selling
  2. Business Development Techniques
  3. Coaching for Sales and Service Excellence
  4. Negotiation Skills

Module 1: Maximizing Sales through Consultative Selling

Effective sales people recognize that donors support for a variety of reasons. This engaging, interactive workshop offers consultative approach to sales that is needs-based. Participants learn how to determine donor needs using probing open-ended questions. Building trust with donors provides an easy entrée to the sales process – thereby avoiding the stigma of “pushy” or “artificial” selling. The importance of picking up on cues and cross-selling are also covered. Customized case studies are aligned with the organization’s products and services.   

Module 2: Business Development Techniques

Building customer relationships are the cornerstone to generating sales revenue. This customized interactive workshop offers a consultative approach to selling. Participants learn how to maximize their networking efforts (including using social networking) to develop prospects. Each participant completes the “What’s My Selling Style? “assessment is videotaped making part of a presentation.

Module 3: Coaching for Sales and Service Excellence

Progressive companies recognize the role that Managers play in coaching for sales and service excellence. Participants learn a model for coaching staff and reinforcing the team approach in reaching sales and service goals. The importance of positive and constructive feedback is especially emphasized. Customized case studies are aligned with the organization’s products and services.  

Module 4: Negotiation Skills

This program helps learners develop the skills and strategies needed to become a successful negotiator. The fundamental concepts of negotiation are addressed, as well as the application of these concepts to the specific areas of Deal Making Negotiation and Dispute Settlement Negotiation. Video commentary provides learners with practical insights on translating the principles of negotiation into real-world bargaining success

This program is only open for groups of 12 or more. Email for more information and larger group pricing.



Includes: Certificate of attendance and all class materials


**Note: You must have a valid U.S. travel (B1/B2) visa in order to sign up for this program.**