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The Manhattan College IPP offers a challenging and enriching academic environment which serves as the perfect starting point for students to begin their degree studies. IPP students will have 18 to 21 hours of intensive ESL instruction per week. In addition to English study, IPP students will take one or two credit-bearing courses per semester.

There are two levels within the International Pathway Program (IPP), level 005 and level 006. Both IPP 005 and IPP 006 can lead to full-time undergraduate study at Manhattan College. The pathway to full-time undergraduate study looks like this: IPP 005 pointing to IPP 006 leads to full time undergraduate study


Intensive, holistic classes which focus on academic English language proficiency building in a sheltered environment. Class sizes of no more than 15 students ensure that ESL study is provided in a supportive, yet challenging environment.

Level 005 students will take 21 hours of intensive ESL classes per week.  ESL classes are in the mornings and early afternoons.

Level 006 students will take 18 hours of intensive ESL classes per week. ESL classes are in the mornings and early afternoons.

Credit Courses*

IPP students in Level 005 will be enrolled in one credit-bearing course. The credit course will be in the evening.

IPP Level 005 Credit Courses
Semster course title


PSMT 195.01 

Math for Organizational Leaders

Spring PSMT 195.01 Math for Organizational Leaders

IPP students in Level 006 will be enrolled in two credit-bearing courses. Credit courses are in the evening.

IPP Level 006 Credit Courses
Semester course title


PSEG 106.01

Introduction to English Composition

PSEG 226.01

Organizational Communication

PSEG 110.01

Writing in the Workplace

PSLS 275.01

Team and Group Dynamics


PSCM 326.01

Intercultural Communication

PSEG 111.01 

First Year Composition

PSEE 207.01 

Public Speaking

*Credit courses are subject to availability

Academic Program Information

Manhattan College International Pathways Program
Jeff Vanderwerf, IELP Director
Miguel Hall 301B
4513 Manhattan College Parkway
Riverdale, New York  10471
Phone: 718-862-8212