The School of Science offers you several opportunities to gain real-world experience through a research project.

All School of Science students are strongly encouraged to participate in a research project. Research allows you to gain a deeper appreciation for the discipline, clarify career goals, and establish relationships with faculty members. The experience builds both hard and soft skills that are easily transferable – in graduate school and the job market.

As a student in the School of Science, you will be encouraged to participate in research projects in collaboration with your professors, including writing papers and presenting at conferences. The experience will push your skills to the next level and give you extra insight into a field or topic you are passionate about.

Manhattan Scientist cover

Student Research Journal

Each year, all School of Science student research papers are published in the Manhattan Scientist, a journal dedicated to the work of science students. Read the latest edition which features research papers from all departments in the School of Science.

Available Programs:

  • Summer Research Programs

    These programs are offered each summer and provide a stipend and campus housing. You must apply and be accepted into each of these programs.

    • Jasper Summer Research Scholars: a program that funds three Science research or creative projects each summer.
    • Summer Fellows Program: a summer program that supports big dreams by helping students connect their academics with experiential learning opportunities.
    • School of Science Dean's Office Summer Program: Outstanding School of Science students are given the opportunity to do hands-on research with a faculty member.
    • In addition to the summer programs, our faculty members also work with students throughout the school year on research projects.

    Past research topics include:

    • Statistical Modeling of the College Experience
    • Fractal Analysis of Diffraction and Interference Patterns
    • Differential Equations Over Matrix Algebras
    • Irregular Stem Growth in Artemisia tridentata var. wyomingensis
    • Rates of Bark Formation of Saguaro Cacti (Carnegiea gigantea)
    • Analysis of Bending Stresses of Terminal Tree Branches
    • Limits on Higgs Boson Couplings in Effective Field Theory
  • Named & Endowed Research Programs

    Catherine and Robert Fenton Endowed Chair Scholars: An exclusive opportunity for students majoring in biology, the Fenton Scholars program supports basic research projects by students working with the Fenton Endowed Chair Professor, Dr. Lance Evans.

    Linda and Dennis Fenton '73 Endowment Scholars: An exclusive opportunity for students majoring in biology, the Fenton Research Scholars program supports basic research projects by students working on research projects with biology faculty.

    Michael '58 and Aimee Rushinko Kakos Endowment Scholars: An opportunity for chemistry majors, the Kakos Scholars program supports basic research projects by students working with the Endowed Chair Professor, Dr. Joseph Capitani, and other chemistry faculty.

    The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Undergraduate Scholars: An opportunity for science majors, the Dreyfus award supports chemistry research projects and provides stipends to students working with Professor Richard Kirchner and other chemistry faculty.

  • Conferences

    As a science student, you will have the opportunity to attend and present your research work at a variety of national and international conferences. Many students co-author peer-reviewed papers and present them alongside faculty. This sort of experience leads to regional and national recognition, and serves as valuable professional preparation networking opportunities.

    Our students are typically involved in in the following conferences:

    • Spuyten Duyvil Undergraduate Mathematics Conference: A one-day conference hosted by Manhattan College that features presentations by undergraduate students and faculty in mathematics and related disciplines.
    • New York American Chemical Society Research Symposium: The New York American Chemical Society Undergraduate Research Symposium is an annual pre-professional meeting where chemistry/biochemistry students can present their undergraduate research results.
    • Eastern College Science Conference (ECSC): ECSC is an association of primarily undergraduate colleges and universities that provides a forum for undergraduate students in science and engineering to present their research.