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Undergraduate Programs

  • Adolescent Education Mathematics - B.S./M.S.

    Students in classroom

    The adolescent education mathematics program allows you to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years. It is designed for undergraduates who are seeking certification to become a mathematics teacher for grades 7-12.

  • Biochemistry

    Hands-on experience in the lab is an important part of the biochemistry program.

    Biochemistry is a unique discipline that combines chemistry and biology. In this major you will be introduced to biological molecules and learn why they are essential for life through coursework and hands-on laboratory components.

  • Biology

    Biology students conduct an experiment in the lab.

    Biology is often called the science of life. It encompasses many divisions that all involve the study of living organisms. Biology is an excellent foundation for medical, dental, and veterinary schools or other professional degrees.

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry student in the lab.

    Chemistry is an exciting and diverse science that has relevance to hundreds of different industries and careers. You will spend a lot of time in the lab getting your hands dirty while doing experiments and seeing chemistry in action.

  • Computer Science

    Students work together on a computer science assignment.

    The computer science degree at Manhattan College develops depth of knowledge in all aspects of computer science. It also complements the broader analytical skills of a liberal arts education.

  • Environmental Science

    Students and faculty on the rooftop garden at Manhattan College.

    Environmental science focuses on the relationship between human activities and the environment. It helps us understand nature from a scientific point of view, and allows us to serve society in a positive way.

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics lecture to a classroom full of students.

    The mathematics major begins with calculus classes, which are enhanced by MAPLE, the computer algebra system. Courses in algebra and analysis build depth.

  • Physics

    Students conduct experiments in one of the College's two physics laboratories.

    Physics is the study of how the universe works. The physics program at Manhattan College is a rigorous course of study that combines theoretical and experimental components.

  • Pre-Health (concentration)

    Student using a microscope during a laboratory experiment.

    At Manhattan, pre-health is a course of study that helps students define their career goals, complete the necessary requirements and become competitive applicants to medical, dental, veterinary, physical therapy or other health programs.