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The Kakos School of Science offers challenging majors and interdisciplinary programs in life, natural and computer science as well as mathematics. These include courses taught by outstanding educators, who are committed to helping their students:

  • To see: many different perspectives from micro to macro.
  • To know: by acquiring critical thinking, communication and research skills.
  • And so, to act: following a long line of Manhattan graduates who have made a difference in the public and private sector all around the world.
  • Biology Department

    Manhattan College
    The Biology Department emphasizes hands-on learning in the labs, which complements what you study in the classroom and familiarizes you with state-of-the-art, industry-grade equipment.
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

    Manhattan College
    The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department emphasizes hands-on learning in the labs and offers all students the opportunity to do one-on-one research with a faculty member.
  • Computer Science Department

    Manhattan College
    Our expert faculty are widely published and active in professional associations such as the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). They advocate for their students and help them gain practical experience. 
  • Mathematics Department

    Manhattan College
    The Mathematics Department plays a vital role in the education of all students at Manhattan College through its offerings of programs for math majors, as well as for the many support courses it offers for other departments across the college.
  • Physics and Astronomy Department

    Manhattan College
    The Physics and Astronomy department offers students many experiential opportunities to choose from. Faculty-student collaborations often lead to projects that are funded by government agencies like the National Science Foundation.