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As a student in the School of Science, you have numerous options to choose from to tailor your academic experience and best prepare you for a successful career.

We offer academic advising to assist you with planning your class schedule and selecting courses, as well as a variety of career advising support to help you no matter what you'd like to do after graduation.

  • Academic Advising

    We offer personal, one-on-one contact and support. As a student in the School of Science, you will have access to an academic advisor who will help you get the most out of the many opportunities available for you at Manhattan, and help you feel in control of your education, and your future.

    Your academic advisor will be able to:

    • Assist with major selection and course scheduling
    • Offer helpful advice on double majors, minors and any other program of study
    • Provide expert advice, tailored specifically for your goals.

    A dedicated advisor is also available to assist you for health professions preparation, such as guidance in applying to medical school or other health professions graduate school programs.

    School of Science Academic Advisor:

    Darcy Lis-Beglane
    Hayden Hall 304A

  • Career Advising

    When it comes to choosing a career path, students in the School of Science have a wide variety of resources available to them for every step of the way. As a student in the School of Science, you will have access to comprehensive, person-centered career counseling, programs, and events that will help you consider all career pathways, including graduate school and employment opportunities.

    The Center for Career Development

    The Center for Career Development (CCD) offers counseling, programs and services designed to help students realize their professional goals, including:

    • Mock Interviews
    • Job and Internship Board: JasperLink
    • Internships
    • Career Fairs
    • On-Campus Recruitment
    • Site Visits
    • Mentor Program
    • Suit Up Professional Clothing Closet

    Career Advisor

    Each of Manhattan College's undergraduate schools has a dedicated career advisor who can provide guidance regarding choosing a major, career paths and job opportunities.

    School of Science Career Advisor:

    David Belson 
  • Pre-Health Advising

    Many of our students in the School of Science are seeking careers in health and medicine. Beginning in freshman year, we work with students who want to pursue health-related careers by offering guidance on different paths you can take within this field and what graduate school options you can pursue.

    Center for Graduate School & Fellowship Advisement

    The Center for Graduate School & Fellowship Advisement (CGSFA) will help you prepare for graduate and professional school by helping you choose the right set of undergraduate experiences, from elective courses to funded research projects. We will even help you research schools, find fellowships and guide you through the application process.

    Pre-Health Advising

    Within the Center for Graduate School & Fellowship Advisement, we have a specific pre-health advisor who works with students who want to attend medical school or otherwise pursue health-related careers. Our Health Professions Advisory Committee is a body of faculty members who give guidance to students interested in preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry and allied fields.