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Honors Program

honors-program-science.jpgThe Kakos School of Science Honors Program is designed to provide talented, highly qualified, and highly-motivated science and mathematics undergraduate students with an enriching experience that develops rigorous and cutting-edge scientific skills, select opportunities with top research faculty, leaders, and mentors, and exposure to and lived experience with Lasallian values.


  • Take Honors courses in Science and Mathematics
  • Complete a research project (Honors Thesis) under the guidance of a professor from The Kakos School of Science
  • Participate in specialized community building, networking, and mentoring opportunities
  • Receive guidance throughout the program from a dedicated Honors Adviser
  • Join a community of like-minded scientific and mathematical scholars
  • Receive Honors designation on official college transcript upon completion of the program


  • Complete at least 19 credits of Honors courses (at least 6 courses and Honors Thesis)
    • At least 4 Honors courses must be within your major
    • At least 2 Honors courses must be outside your major, one of which may be outside The Kakos School of Science
    • Honors Thesis (1 credit) and presentation
  • Must maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or greater at Manhattan College


YEAR Expectations

Complete at least 2 Honors courses (at least 6 credits)


Complete at least 2 Honors courses (at least 6 credits)

Junior and Senior

• Take additional Honors courses as needed
• Complete an Honors Thesis (1 credit)


  • New Students: Outstanding incoming students with majors in The Kakos School of Science will receive an invitation to apply to the Honors Program and acceptance will be based on academic merit, high school leadership, community service, and a response to an essay prompt.
  • Current Students: Students with a declared major in The Kakos School of Science may apply to the Honors Program in the spring semester of their freshman year with the understanding that they may need to make up some Honors courses. Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.5 at the conclusion of their freshman year. Qualified students interested in joining the Honors Program should email The Kakos School of Science Honors Program Coordinator at for an application.