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About Us

As a physics major at Manhattan College, you will have many experiential opportunities to choose from. Research is both required and supported, whether you choose to work in collaboration with a faculty member on campus or pursue an opportunity to take part in research with an outside organization. Faculty-student collaborations often lead to projects that are funded by government agencies like the National Science Foundation. 

Meet a Physics Major: Dylan Gray

Physics major Dylan Gray discusses his research with a faculty mentor that led him to participate in a National Science Foundation-funded project at CERN.

Our Programs

The Physics Department provides students with a rigorous and challenging program with both theoretical and experimental components leading to mastery of mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, thermal physics, relativity and quantum theory. The Physics Department offers:

  • Physics - B.A.: This program follows the liberal arts core curriculum and is for students interested in careers in such fields as education, technical writing, and patent law or for graduate studies in physics.
  • Physics - B.S.This program follows the science core curriculum and offers standard preparation for graduate studies in physics.
  • Minor in Physics: The minor in Physics consists of a minimum of 15 credits. Learn about the degree requirements.