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About Us

The Mathematics Department plays a vital role in the education of all students at Manhattan College through its offerings of programs for our majors as well as for the many support courses it offers for other departments across the college. Classes are small so we are able to build strong relationships with our students.

Hands-on learning is big part of the Manhattan College experience. As a mathematics major, you will be  invited to participate in national mathematics competitions such as the Putnam Exam and the Mathematical Modeling Contest. You will also be encouraged to participate in undergraduate research projects; funds, both internally and externally, are available to support these projects during the summer. You are encouraged to present their work at the Spuyten Duyvil Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, which was founded by the mathematics department at Manhattan College, as well as at other national and regional meetings. Also, if you wish to study abroad, we will help you develop a course of study that will allow you to finish all of your course requirements.

Meet a Mathematics Major: Greg Zajac

Greg Zajac discusses real world learning opportunities in the Mathematics Department, including research and challenging high-level courses.

Our Programs

The Mathematics Department offers a number of different degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels:


  • Mathematics - B.A. (for students who wish to follow the Liberal Arts core curriculum)
  • Mathematics - B.S. (for students who wish to follow the School of Science core curriculum)
  • Minor in mathematics

5-Year Programs