1. Rosemary Farley

    Rosemary Farley

    ProfessorMathematics718-862-7380RLC 201E
  2. Ira Gerhardt

    Ira Gerhardt

    Associate ProfessorMathematics718-862-7732RLC 201C
  3. Richard Gustavson

    Richard Gustavson

    Assistant ProfessorMathematics718-862-7287RLC 201B
  4. Joan Harnett

    Joan Harnett

    Associate ProfessorMathematics718-862-7990RLC 201B
  5. Matthew Jura

    Matthew Jura

    Associate ProfessorMathematics718-862-7359RLC 201F
  6. Angel Pineda

    Angel Pineda

    ProfessorMathematics718-862-7730RLC 201H
  7. Alexander Sistko

    Alexander Sistko

    Assistant ProfessorMathematics718-862-7427RLC 201J
  8. Robert Suzzi Valli

    Robert Suzzi Valli

    Associate ProfessorMathematics718-862-7763RLC 201C
  9. Helene Tyler

    Helene Tyler

    ProfessorDepartment Chairperson of MathematicsMathematics718-862-7259RLC 201A
  10. Lawrence Udeigwe

    Lawrence Udeigwe

    Associate ProfessorMathematics718-862-7375RLC 201G


  1. Hani Ahmar

    Hani Ahmar

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-8502RLC 300
  2. Ruben Avetisyan

    Ruben Avetisyan

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-8502RLC 300
  3. Marvin Bishop

    Marvin Bishop

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7385RLC 201D
  4. Byron Blum

    Byron Blum

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7253RLC 101
  5. Shannon Burton

    Shannon Burton

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7253RLC 300
  6. Khoa Dinh

    Khoa Dinh

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-8085RLC 201D
  7. Richard Goldstone

    Richard Goldstone

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7378RLC 201G
  8. Michael Magreta

    Michael Magreta

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7862RLC 101
  9. Natalia Miroshnikova

    Natalia Miroshnikova

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7831RLC 200A
  10. Scott Moar

    Scott Moar

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-8525RLC 300
  11. Gideon Noy

    Gideon Noy

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7253RLC 101
  12. Sixin Qian

    Sixin Qian

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7253RLC 101
  13. Wagner Ramos

    Wagner Ramos

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-8496RLC 101
  14. David Scheiman

    David Scheiman

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7253RLC 201F
  15. Patrice Tiffany

    Patrice Tiffany

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7991RLC 201E
  16. Anna Tsipenyuk

    Anna Tsipenyuk

    Learning Specialist Consultant, AdjunctNon-Employee, Mathematics
  17. Kathryn Weld

    Kathryn Weld

    AdjunctMathematics718-862-7152RLC 201I

Administrative Assistant

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