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Seminar Series

The Mathematics department offers a seminar series throughout the academic year. Upcoming events are listed below.

Past Events

How the Cookie Crumbles: Fair Division
Dr. Rebecca Coulson
November 6, 2019

Optimizing Data Acquisition and Network Architecture for Deep Learning in MRI
Marcus Wong & Quinn Torres
October 2, 2019 

Using Sensory Neurons to Detect Clusters in a Dataset
Michael Campiglia & Sebastian Pena
October 2, 2019

Monte Carlo Computer Investigations of Higher Generation Ideal Dendrimers
Brandon Thrope
October 2, 2019

Mathematical Analysis of Random Sample Voting
Rachel Roca
September 18, 2019 

On the (t,r) Broadcast Domination Number of Certain Grid Graphs
Alex Vasquez
September 18, 2019


More Past Events